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Have western hits plow with night hawk led lights on it. The parking lights on the top edge of light stay on with switch and truck off. The truck is a 2020 Silverado. Any suggestions
Michael J. Donovan
Michael J. Donovan
Welcome to the will be better served to start a thread in our Truck and Equipment Repair forum so other members will see it and be able to assist you better
So I'm working with a new outfit this year and he is running snowex power plows.. any advice on running these?like can I really dig in or should I be careful as I've heard these units break easily especially the wings? Also do they have downpressure capability an if so, they have a trip edge? Thanks for any advice or review on these plows
You shouldn't need to exercise any more caution than you usually would plowing. It's a commercial plow with a full trip moldboard, and the relief valves work pretty well for the wings and angle rams. Keep an eye on your hoses though, as the factory ones aren't the best. They do have down pressure capability, and in fact, my dealer doesn't even sell them without — just my $0.02.
Thank you for your feedback
Western mvp unimount...need help!!

Brand new truck side harness...plow only folds in on right side, no matter which button I press on controller....using a fisher controller as well with round plug...any ideas where to start first?
On the Shib you and me both.... Including all the cryptos.... Where do you plow in NJ do you do a lot of commercial or residential? I'm looking for anther account or 2 as I have a extra truck and possible driver just sitting...
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Shoot me a text 732-403-9120
MAYBE I CAN HELP? data is data and I can find stuff most other mets cannot.
give me the info you are looking for ... and any forecast questions you may have and let me see what I can do

Transmission problems 2018 Kubota UTV-X 1100 C Dealer said I need a new one Does anyone know what will interchange Looking for a used one THANKS
Had a question for you about national service providers from my search here on PS. ACC, Inc & national maintenance who are they if you don't mind me asking? Doing some research as one company listed asked us to look at some dollar generals.
can someone help me, i have an older western plow and it works great when its warm out, but in the cold it is very very slow, does anyone know why this might be?
We worked for NEST taking care of Mavis Tire and havnot been paid in 7 months since the start of the snow plowing
Can any of you tell me if your company is in same boat with this and we’re you worked and what state We worked in NY
Looking to start a litigation as this is getting nowhere

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