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Just curious what part of R.I. You from ? I am a Central Falls guy for 24 yrs. Moved to N. Attleboro, MA. in 1995. Had a family business in C.F. since 1970.
I have a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder and I am thinking of putting a plow on it just to plow my own driveway I’m leaning towards the Boss Sport Duty ,does anyone have any input ?
Yes. Boss doesn't have a mount for the pathfinder.
Ok Thankyou I thought I saw one ,I may go with the Fisher Homesteader ,I do want fully hydrolic I look at it like this if I have a plow and have to get out of the truck to adjust the blade I mite as well just shovel
HD75 issues. found out yesterday my 12+ yr old plow is now junk. Debris in the pump/ motor can be flushed out. Repair facility is saying the entire pump assembly needs replacing for $1600 bucks!! Just put $1100 into it after an accident, new A-frame/ 1 new cylinder and a new 4 way valve. Now this, Im done.
hi guys having trouble w fisher mm2 vplow. no power at joy stick press and hold does nothing. checked plow side fuses {4} they are good. checked truck side by control mod. and they are good. Ive been on a fisher site, not sure if its my model but, there are 2 fuses that pull out of the joy stick printed circuit board. i haven't checked theses yet
So I got plow working I cut my 12v red wire at the harnesses like an inch back from where fish stick plugs in ran a new 12v wire. Could that be reason my plow lights are not working?
I saw a thready saying that you have a snowbear plow. If you still have it, and if you have the square-style tube frame (as opposed to round tubes) would you mind taking a few measurements for me? I need measurements of a square tube frame to compare to my round tube to figure out repairs.
Good afternoon. I saw a post of yours and it sounds like you might have a snowbear plow. If so, I'm hoping you might be able to take some measurements off yours to compare to my older snowbear plow frame. Let me know!
Rick Rock
Rick Rock
I have an older snowbear of you're still looking for info? Let me know what you're trying to do
I saw that you have a winter wolf plow. I picked up an older snowbear personal plow. Snowbear said the new plow blades for the square-tube snowbear frames (like yours) won't fit on the older style round-tube snowbear frames (like mine).

Would you mind measuring center to center between your mounting tabs on your frame so I can compare?
Are you still offering 20% off to site members ? All I am really interested in is the box and the hold down bar. no cables or blanket
10% off to forum members from current already discounted pricing.
I have a snoway htv v plow new motor & solenoid new pro controller 2 with solenoid harness.
. Plow still does not work i only hear a click whats wrong ?
Check Fuse or circuit breaker in the main power cable. Check your grill plug for a good connection
that holmdel property; tell me more.
I got a client who wants a place to put up a steel arch building to store his boat in in the winter. it might be a bit far for him, but if the price is right and he's aimable to partners, he is a "rich *****." :D
On the RT 1 pump that I have is the hydraulic fill plug a Allen wrench plug under the plastic cover? I blew a line today and want to add fluid. All I see is a outside fill on newer models when I Google it