• Vaccine Priority For Essential Snow & Ice Workers?
    Concerned about COVID-19 and/or potential labor shortages? Click here for a letter to health departments from SIMA emphasizing your priority for the COVID vaccine as an "essential" worker.

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Are you still offering 20% off to site members ? All I am really interested in is the box and the hold down bar. no cables or blanket
10% off to forum members from current already discounted pricing.
I have a snoway htv v plow new motor & solenoid new pro controller 2 with solenoid harness.
. Plow still does not work i only hear a click whats wrong ?
that holmdel property; tell me more.
I got a client who wants a place to put up a steel arch building to store his boat in in the winter. it might be a bit far for him, but if the price is right and he's aimable to partners, he is a "rich *****." :D