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Just curious what part of R.I. You from ? I am a Central Falls guy for 24 yrs. Moved to N. Attleboro, MA. in 1995. Had a family business in C.F. since 1970.
I have a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder and I am thinking of putting a plow on it just to plow my own driveway I’m leaning towards the Boss Sport Duty ,does anyone have any input ?
Yes. Boss doesn't have a mount for the pathfinder.
Ok Thankyou I thought I saw one ,I may go with the Fisher Homesteader ,I do want fully hydrolic I look at it like this if I have a plow and have to get out of the truck to adjust the blade I mite as well just shovel
HD75 issues. found out yesterday my 12+ yr old plow is now junk. Debris in the pump/ motor can be flushed out. Repair facility is saying the entire pump assembly needs replacing for $1600 bucks!! Just put $1100 into it after an accident, new A-frame/ 1 new cylinder and a new 4 way valve. Now this, Im done.