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Just woke up after back-to-back "Night of the Living Dead" plowing adventures. Wednesday I had Arthroscopic shoulder surgery, and wouldn't you know it...40cm+ of snow the next night and day. It was our very own lake-effect storm.

We were out 15hrs thursday night/friday and 8hrs last night. Would have been fine if I had two arms, and wasn't puking my guts out from anaesthetic hang-over. I had to stop plowing and go home for a rest half-way through the first loop.

Some of our driveways had already been shoveled by the time we got there. People feel a strange urgency to just get in there cars and go out in severe weather. Me, I'd stay home if I weren't plowing.

E-60 pump is awesome compared to P-O-S E-47!

We'll be out salting tonite, but today is R&R for these plow boys.
Dave - my wife and I were down in your neck of the woods on the weekend - you had more fun than than I have had so far this season. We get sore necks the first few times of the season - something to complain about I guess. Enjoy it.

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