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Erie, PA
I'm curious as to where the snowfall totals stand in comparison to "average" in everyones markets.....

In Erie - average at the immediate lakeshore is 88" and average at the Interstate (two miles inland and where the lake effect kicks in) is 190".

Currently, we are at 112" at the lakeshore and 230" at the Interstate.

How about you guys/ladies.......


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Albany NY
In Albany NY we average about 63". To date I have counted 31" The official total may be a little higher. I've billed to date for plwoing 31" of snow. There were a few 1" stroms I didn't plow. The farmers almanac says there will be as much snow in April as there was in the entire winter. I don't know if I buy that but I think the total will go over the average this year.

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Somerset, NJ
Average here is 22.8". So far this year 34". Last 3 years combined was barely 22" so we deserve this :) Hopefully it gets cold here again so we can continue to even out the averages.

local avg is 42"

right now were are at 50"

and still a month to go.....the next week we will probably get 0

i am north of akron and south of cleveland


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Average at the shoreline 25" ytd we are at 19"
Average 20 mi inland where I live and have most of my ccounts 45" ytd we are 40"


Here in Mid Michigan according to my totals we've had 41.5". If I had to guess I would say our averege is around 25" January and Febuary have been slower than usual but December gave us 35.5".

We're ready for more!!!

Let it SNOW!

Alan Addict
Yearly average for Burlington, VT is 79.2". Currently at slightly over 70". That's not the whoel story though, as a lot of it has been in under 2" events spread over many hours. Not enough to plow but definately enough to require intensive anti-icing. The result has been to drive salt comsumption way over budget. :(

4 Saisons

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I know i am over my 288cm average, but i have to pay to have exact summary and i don't need it for now.

This is our biggest winter since few years, city are over budget, ( you can see it trough all street, they remove only the half of the snowbanks for now, some sidewalk the bombardier can't go trougt it, they need one more week to clear all that since the last monday snow storm and the ice event of friday..hope fo no snow until this, and it's gonna be harder because now all freeze and it's hard like a rock)

BTW all the BS "contractor" begin to bankrupt, they were cheap on seasonnal contract and don't have per push income, i get some call to take care of new customers for the rest of the winter on a good per push price and they want a contract for the next year.

Hopefully we did'nt get big storm, 1 more than 12" (a easy one), 3 6-10", and a lot of day snowly days.

usually we ended nearly march 20, and 1 6" in april.

only the pros will survive, good for the bizz

well i would be guessing that our average in snowy dayton ohio is about 25". we are at 12-13" so far. i would be starving if i didnt have a lot of 1" contracts and salting.

not worried, just use to it after 12 years. a couple more light dustings and the salt bins will be ready for mulch.

Aspen Snow

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Vernon, NJ
In our immwdiate market we average 50". This year we are at 63.5" as of today. We also average 7-8 snow or ice events. This year we have had 11 plowable storm (1" or better) and 3 ice events.


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DSM receives 33" on average per year and I believe that we are right at or just above average for the year. However, we are about 8" below our normal precipitation level for where we should be right now.


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cutrite, try "Weatherbug". I think you'll find a place to get snow averages using your zip code. For me, 77" average. To date, I think I figured 43". I keep my notebook in the truck and it's too cold to go get it.


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