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Your Winter Toolbox

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by Winterologist, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Winterologist

    Winterologist Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    It's getting real close - are you ready? Is your winter toolbox ready?
    Winter Toolbox: salt spreaders, plows, deicers, winter liquid blends, application rates, ratios - wow!
    #1 Your plow is the cheapest thing in your winter toolbox!
    #2 Rock salt - most commonly used deicer, but has limits of effectiveness:
    @ +30F, 1 lb salt melts 46 lbs snow in 5 min // @ +15F, 1 lb salt melts only 6 lbs snow in 1 hour!
    = easy to abuse. When it gets colder strongly consider an enhancer (brines, beet juice, etc).
    #3 Brine (rock salt + water @ 23.3%). Good for prewetting at spinner or anti-icing. Same limits as salt.
    #4 Natural well brine (calcium and/or magnesium chloride brines). Works at lower temps, but corrosive.
    #5 Beet juice, main reason for use = "residual-effect", forms a film that hard-pack won't stick to.
    #6 There are not alot of different deicers used in most of the snowbelt. There's chloride-based technology
    (sodium chloride-rock salt / calcium chloride / magnesium chloride), dozens & dozens of proprietary
    formulas of calcium chloride and or mag chloride well brines, and beet juice ...oh yeh - CMA and a
    handful of other exotic organics with acetates, formates, etc. The Lion's share of everything that's used
    in the Midwest is rock salt, well brines (with or without token amounts of organics used as corrosion
    inhibitors), and beet juice.
    #7 Pile-Treat Salt: all brines work, so does beet juice (but must be mixed in), try 5-6 gal/ton
    #8 Prewetters: try 5-6 gal/ton for straight beet juice, 8-12 gal/ton for brines & beet juice-brine blends
    ...then, turn your salt output down. Watch out for rain-soaked salt - it's like throwing cow pies.
    #9 Anti-icing: brines at 50 gal/acre - up to 24 hours prior to event is considered normal.
    beet juice brines at 35 gal/acre - usually 1-2 days in advance (some has lasted 3-4 days)
    ...DON'T USE IF IT STARTS AS A RAIN EVENT - everything goes away in the rain.
    #10 Don't forget #1