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Do you think a person could make a living on snowplowing alone?The wife works and makes big bucks.Don't get me wrong I am not lazy,just wanted your thoughts.

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At the sima show I met three people who are snow only, some had over a hundred plows and loaders/skids and one had less than ten. These people have achieved my dream.
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I always dreamed about it and last year was my first year of plowing. Luckily I have another full time job in addition to my grounds maintenance business because we only had 4 plowable events last winter. I worked for a major property owner in my area and just about made enough to pay for insurance, gas and labor. Hope to be on my own this winter but have enough money in reserve to pay the notes just in case!

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I have ownership equity in a couple of other business's in addition to the snow business..... Our snow business takes up almost all of my time, and given the dollars as compared to the other entities we have ownership in - snow is the lions portion of our revenue base.

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Most people plow to keep their landscape guys busy during the winter.

I'd like to landscape during the summer simply to give my plow guys some exercise after sitting in their trucks all winter.
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Make a living by snowplowing only? :D It all depends on what you consider making a living. What you or anyone else consider is always different. I at one time could live very comfortable on plowing only but as all I like having more;) ;) . It's not hard to make $100,000.00 gross plowing around here if you make the right contacts, I've got 2 friends that I started in the plow biz & both of them make $100,00.00 & more. But is it enough, not really as I like to have my toys & have 3 to 4 vacations a year plus save for the kids & my retirement .:waving: I also own another biz that does most of my $$$$$.

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Originally posted by Snowman52
Do you think a person could make a living on snowplowing alone?

Sure can! I personally know several (no, I'm not one of them)

Buddy of mine play golf literally every day during the summer. He works maybe 2-4 hours/day during the summer.

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