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Got a chance to buy a new chevy 2500 HD with a Boss 8'2" V plow for $30,000.I think it's a good deal but I am only going to plowing residential.
I am starting up a lawn/snowplowing business.
What do you guys think? power windows or power door locks and just the standard am-fm radio.

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I bought a new 2001 (in 2001) Chevy 2500HD with the LS package (power everything, CD, etc...) plow prep, etc... with a Western 8.5 MVP, for just over 30,000 including taxes etc... no GM discount... Truck I got for invoice & a $1,000 dealer rebate, plow was arround 3k...

Its a great truck, can handle almost anything (remember I'm from Buffalo)... I only have the little 8 engine, remember the engine only matters for towing/hauling. When your plowing its traction that will be your only problem.

Depending on what engine that truck has it may be a deal or not, the deisel w/ allison costs about 8k more.

Check out, You can search all your local dealers inventory and ask what lowest thay will sell a specific truck for.
I went into a dealer the saleman gave me the lowest price he could possibly sell the truck for. Went on the site and thay gave me an even lower price w/ no negoating same dealer, same truck. Of cource 2 days later I found an even better truck for less at a diffrent/better dealer, who was also a Western dealer. :)


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If you shop, you should be able to get a base model Chevy with plow for $27,000 to 28,000. For $30,000 the truck ought to be optioned up pretty good, with a gas engine.

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