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your opinion and thoughts

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by steelcity, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. steelcity

    steelcity Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    i cannot say it any other way than what were they thinking? i sub for a local landscape company and this yr they decided to lease 4 f150 crew cab 4x4 trucks for their mgmnt staff. This winter they put boss 7' 6" v plows on 2 of them. i recently saw one of them driving down the hwy and the back end was way up in the air LOL. i called the driver and he said that he had no weight in the back. again all i can say is what were they thinking these trucks are going to be dead after this winter. i would love to hear your opinion on this setup. :waving:
  2. dirt digger

    dirt digger Senior Member
    Messages: 619

    they're leases thats why...if they owned the trucks, theres no way they would put those plows on the front...as long as the truck is not majorly damaged and under milage when they are returned, the dealership will probably never know.
  3. Swinn

    Swinn Member
    Messages: 41

    Even if it is a lease the owners manual (at least on the 03's) specifically says you can't put a plow on a crew cab. I am pretty sure they will have problems getting any service from the dealer.
  4. Sweetpete

    Sweetpete Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Amazing...I bet for very similar money, they could have gotten F250's (or at least close) But who knows?

    BTW, do they offer the F150 Crew in a "HD" kinda package? I know Chevy had a "HD" 1500 and I think Ford has a 150 HD, but I was curious if you can get it in a crew cab?
  5. LINY Rob

    LINY Rob Senior Member
    Messages: 478

    I have seen guys who have been plowing with p.o.s dodge 1500s and f-150s for years and years with no problems, doesnt mean I would do it!

    ford does have a heavy duty payload and snow plow prep package, maybe with a home style plow its not so bad
  6. MickiRig1

    MickiRig1 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,617

    The key word was "Crew Cab". They may never really do much plowing with them. I have subcontracted places where the supervisors had plows and never dropped them to plow.
  7. LINY Rob

    LINY Rob Senior Member
    Messages: 478

    i believe you can get the heavy duty payload and snow plow on the crew cab, if im not mistaken the crew cabs come with a very short bed
  8. Hiwire

    Hiwire Member
    Messages: 76

    Ford DOES have a HD F150. Its called the #7700 package and it was made to plow. Its the only F150 that putting a plow on wont void your warrantee. It comes with a snow plow plow prep package as an option. It is really only a 150 in terms of sheet metal. Its the same truck as the F250 before they made the SD. It will easily handle a Fisher RD 7.5 I dont know if they still make the #7700 but they sure should! They did make it in an extended cab/short box.