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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by meathead1134, Feb 24, 2008.

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    When you are plowing a severe decline then all of a sudden your brake pedal hits the floor and the brake light comes on in the truck. Then I am not stopping and a tree in front me slows me down. No damage to me or the plow or truck. I get out of my truck and notice that my truck is pissing brake fluid. I was able to back the truck up and out of the driveway. It gets better I actually had to drive the truck to the mechanic with no brakes and in the snow lots of fun. I drove in first gear all the way through the city to the shop. Then next morning I had my truck back by 10:30am and the finished up my route. It was an interesting storm. Ok thats my rant :drinkup:
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    How's this no brakes all night. If I had to stop when going to different lots, I put the blade down and bump into the back of the bosses truck to stop .12 hours of plowing with no brakes.
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    well i plow this drive that is on a hill that is like a 50 degree angle and about 150ft long. with a busy road under it. well i was going up it once to do the account and i got about 1/2 way up the hill. all of the sudden the tires started to spin and i wasnt moving so i put my foot on the brake and the truck started to slide backwards and then the front end started to slide over. all of the sudden i am going down this hill sideways sliding very fast to this road. all of the sudden the front tire hit the curb spun it around and the tires caught asphalt and slowed it down quick luckily by the time i got to the main road here were no vehicles. I quickly dropped that account.
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    I did the same except with my buddies in the truck. I had a heartattack and none of them even knew what was going on. All the lines are new so we're good to go:)
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    Been there, felt that & more.

    Few years ago I was plowing down a very steep drive thats got a retaining wall of railroad ties at the bottom and you cant see the traffic coming until you get all the way to the bottom. So im coming back downhill and the pedal hits the floor so i drop the plow to try to slow me down, doesnt work. Get to the bottom of the drive and BAM! Got tboned by another plow. pushed me over the opposite curb and through a wire guard rail, luckily i didnt go over into the ravine. No injuries, just some memories.
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    Thank gaaaaaad your alive. Lets hope that never happens again. You got real lucky.
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    My worst driveway I have been doing it since the house was built. My first year I was talking to and old buck that had been asked to look at it for plowing. He went and looked at it, said he was not interested. The same fall he gave me his whole route. He told me anyone that would plow that driveways has rocks in their head! Then later that winter I was talking to another plow contractor in town. he to had been called to look at it. He said he went up it in the fall, seriously considered it, then on his way back down he lost his brakes, tossed it in reverse to try and slow it down. The rear tires locked up and spun him out into a large pine tree. Bent his rear axle housing, broke a few leaves on the same side. Caved his bed side in. He said no way after that. I never lost my brakes on that hill, but I have been for a few hell rides on ice backward down it!
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    haha u guys are nutsss... i had a 64 half chevy half ford ice cream truck and it lost brakes goin 45 and the kid drivin had to make a riight onto a busy highway and throw it in park on the shoulder while he was goin like 15 ....and i was driving behind himand got to watch the whole thing...:rolleyes::cry:
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    I popped a brake line last season during our biggest event an hour into plowing. I had a quart of fluid with me, it took about an hour to need more. After 4 hours of plowing the same strip plaza I was out of fluid. I took it home only to find that the electric was out. I found the leak but I needed an air cut off to get to it. ( I needed to cut off 2 shield bolts to get to the line ) I am pissed, slam the house door and the electric comes on! Parts come off and it cost me $4 for the line and had a great pedal with no bleeding ! Ended up billing 24 hrs for the storm and another $350 cash in hand pick up plowing. The next day I spent all the cash on groceries. The Wife was impressed!