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    Yesterday at 3:30 AM I was going out to start plowing and was clearing my own drive...As I was back dragging toward the street I saw 2 plows coming down the street...they were in the staggered mode one in the middle and the following guy doing the edge. I stopped, of course, with my tail well off the road so they could pass, but the next thing that happened really pissed me off...the first truck passed behind me then the 2nd truck (keep in mind these guys were really motoring and the 2nd guy was really "throwing" . Well that a ******* didn't have any regard for me sitting there waiting (with my yellows flashing) and he went by so hard and fast his snow slammed my truck so hard it actually moved it...! :angry:
    I sat there in disbelief for a few seconds then got out to see f there was any damage to my tailgate, lights etc...didn't look like any...THEN I see them same guys barreling down the other side towards me they passed I gave the 2nd guy the WTF ??? sign :confused: :eek: like "hey man why did you do that??" and he yelled (without ever looking at me) "GO Fu** YOURSELF"
    In my book, that was extremely rude and classless....I was totally respecting their pass and the asswipe just kept his track and his speed like I wasn't there...I would have lifted my plow for the other guy and expected that he would take care of his own drive adequatley...
    What say ye??
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    had the same thing happen last year . So i followed the guy pulled him out of the truck gave him a 3 peace
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    i wouldnt have gone that far but i would have cursed at him for a little bit
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    Were these municipal plows? Sounds like it. If so, they were doing what they were suppose to - plow the street. You can not be lifting the plow or angling away from a driveway. You know, too, that a plow has to keep a consistent speed.
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    Private trucks a chevy and a dodge 3/4 tons just like my ford...regular guys no signage on trucks obviously contractors for the town...:angry:
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    contractors for the town??????
    You own them

    call the town.
    explain what happened
    you were concerned for your safety, what if that had been a little kid (it's for the children always works), and the go F yourself, oh, very bad. I'm sure most city contracts forbid that.
    and I'm sure they require signage so people can call it in.

    yes, you own them
    call them in.
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    If I saw a truck plowing the street with a rooster tail I wouldn't wont my truck damaged either, However I would not count on the other Guy avoiding you I would move out of his rouster range. If you count on other people avoiding you... some day you will find someone that doesn't. Jest me:cool:
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    I have to wonder how close you were to the street and if you noticed how far the plows were throwing snow in the first place.
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    I know...lesson learned. I just know that myself, I would have respected the other plower by raising my plow for the driveway he was in...and passed by without incident. I'm sure he knew he was going to catch hell from me as he was coming back the other way...didn't even look at me and he passed 6 feet away...just a jerk in my book. There's no need to deliberately slam another vehicle with your rooster tail...
    Keep in mind this was 3:30 AM, dark and snowing/sleeting heavily...I had no idea he was throwing so heavily until I felt my truck move and heard the crap slam my rear end.
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    Not to much bashing but you sound just like my wife,she complains that the plow trucks are going to fast!Me I just get the hell out of the way.:waving:
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    Call in Bribrius to handle this one....
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    If they were hired by the town, they are considered subcontractors, but also employees of the town. Common sense says when you see a plow truck coming you get out of the way. No matter if you are sitting in your own plow truck. You know how plows throw the snow and what happens. You can't be mad at them for doing there job. Just next time pull back up in the driveway further. jmo And to think he would lift his plow in the middle of plowing just to miss you or the driveway is nuts. Not bashing you, I think you are just expecting a little to much from these guys.
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    I totally agree. I was gonna offer him a box of napkins for all the :cry::cry: Oh, I forgot to add, maybe those guys don't like fords.:rolleyes:
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    next time just turn your truck around and put a big pile of that wet heavy stuff across the street for him to slam into. haha

    Seriously though, that is pretty rude. all he would of had to do is slow down a bit so not to bury your truck.
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    UHOH here come the mods lol.

    Anyways, it does seem pretty inconsiderate. If it wasn't for the F U I would have just assumed they weren't thinking, or didn't see you or whatever. But that FU just seals the deal that he was just trying to be a jerk.
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    Well, see, now you just sound like the contractor...

    The other night I was heading home late and contractors here were using a snowblower to load a truck on overpasses... signal guy gives me the 'SLOW' side of the sign, I head thru... snowblower moves his chute and blasts the windshield of my car as I drive by... stupid idiot.... I'd swear he did it on purpose. I have the same WTF? hand signal and they totally ignored me--should have called them in but didn't bother, there was no damage just scared the crap outta me...
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    It's been said ... YOU own this tool.

    Contact the the village admin. THEN contact and ask to have a meeting with your alderman. Explain the SPEED they were traveling, the danger they were causing, they were probably exceeding the rated plowing speed of their equipment and THEIR language!

    I would also drive around looking for fallen mail boxes and ask those people to contact the village too for excessive damage. ( Granted villages to not take responsibilities for mail box damage, good to be the king, unless their was intent. Ahhh sweet intent. )

    As far as the brother hood of snow plowers.... Sometimes yes. Mostly, nothing different than an idiot neighbor minus the tall fence.