You should see him cut grass......

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  1. Humvee27

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    I was driving by this guys house....he must blow all the snow from a 30 by 50 foot area into this pile....then he walked around it with the blower going blowing the rest onto the top....too funny...way too much time:jester: into that one....gotta hand it to him though:drinkup:


  2. BREAULT69

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    When I was a little kid I coulda built a snow fort outta that thing that would make Donald Trump jelous................. I still kinda want to.
  3. OP

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    :drinkup::drinkup:Yep, thats what I was was too funny not to take a picture of it though....
  4. dr.lawn21

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    In college we used to pile up snow like this, set a sprinkler on top, run the water for a couple nights, and build a sculpture in the front yard. (usually of a beer mug) :drinkup:
  5. Camden

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    When I first got my Honda blower I couldn't wait to try it out so I blew all the snow from my backyard into a pile like that. My neighbors thought I was nuts but my kids had a great time playing on the hill and I had a lot of fun using my new toy xysport
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  6. Lawn Enforcer

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    I could build a pretty sweet fort with that pile! Maybe he just wants more snow on the yard to get more moisture on the lawn in spring-
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  7. BlueLine Ent

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    My neighbor used to own his own large construciton company, and when he would come home to do his driveway in the JD544 loader, he would take all the snow on the street and make us a pile like this to slide down and "fortify" lol
  8. SteveJ

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    Thats too cool. What would be even cooler is making an igloo out of it.:D
  9. PremierLand

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    I hope his house is properly waterproofed. He might have a 12ft deep pool in his basement in the spring!
    This is great though, I could see myself doing this, haha.
  10. stroker79

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    well he might not have to mow all summer!
  11. deere615

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    me too! I used to build forts all the time, Now I am to busy cleaning snow. Sometimes I still want too build them tooxysport
  12. 03SuperCrew330

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    When I had my gas station thats what the little corner of the lot looked like. It took my dad and I about 1 hour with two 14hp machines but we cleared all the snow and stacked it...there was only 2 parking spaces on the lot and thats where the snow went.
  13. Quality SR

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    That is funny, someone has alot of time on there hands. Looks like a nice jump though.