You know you've been in the truck too long

After the last post of " PLowing, you either love it or not" I started thinking of ways to know when you've been in the truck too long, ala Jeff Foxworthy. This came to me at 4AM when I already had been in for too long and I came up with a couple. Feel free to join in:

You know you've been in the truck too long when:

The only song you allow in the Audiovox cassette player is Born to be wild just so you can scream the words " Born to plow powder" during the chorus part.

You start to wonder just how far a 55 gallon drum will fly if you hit it at 20 MPH straight on.

You knock the lenses out of you sunglasses just so you can wear them to plow in.

Help me out with this, I gotta go back to plowing.

1. you clean out more mail boxes than parking lots

2. you begin to like it there

3. you run out of room on the paper that your plow list is on
1-you claim that the geo metro was already at the top of the snow pile when you got there.

2-The coffee shop's intire staff knows you on a first name basis.

3-you plow the intire parking lot only to discover the next day the your blade was never lowered.

4-you start giggling at the slightest things.

5-you can't remember what you business name is.

6-you are talking about an interesting topic for an hour when you realize there is no one else in the truck.

7-you get to the next job on your route and realize you don't remember doing the last 5.

8-certian words start sounding funny.

9-all the guys at the local auto parst store put on gas masks as you walk in the door.

10-you get cast in a shaving commercial.

11-former clients start to get strange looking drifts at the end of their driveways each morning.

12-SIMA gives you an award for "least amount of sleep in one month".

Chuck Smith

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What Geoff said... and

You actually turn the AC on low.

Figure you'll just sleep in the truck until it starts snowing again.

You think it's OK to wear your insulated coveralls to Christmas dinner at your in laws, and that you are "well dressed".

Have a perfect "hat head" hair style and think it looks good.

Consider keeping a razor in your ash tray, and a can of shave cream in the drink holder.

Carry a toothbrush, toothpaste and a bottle of water in your glove box.

Start surfing the web on your cell phone between stops.

Start looking for 12 volt appliances for your truck, like a coffee maker, TV, and a toaster oven.

Have an urge to plow barefoot, since you won't be getting out anytime soon.

Consider getting a 12v "back massage" mat for your seat.

Start thinking of a way to install a sink in your center console.

Consider replacing your passenger seat with a porta-potty.

Consider putting an "addition" on your bed, such as a second floor over the salter, with a raised roof, and a dormer for a full bath.

Consider replacing your bed with a cargo box so you have room to entertain guests.

Man I need sleep, and I haven't even been plowing!



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-your significant other doesn't recognize you
-your head starts to itch cause you've had your hat on too long--may be one of the reasons words start sounding funny!
-when you talk extra 5 minutes with the 7-11(stop 'n go/quick e mart/6-12/circle K) clerk, cuz you want a break out of the truck-but you don't understand what he's saying and he doesn't understand what you're saying

cantoo Veteran
You install one of those water foot massagers in the passenger side to keep your feet warm while waiting for the owners to move their car.


1- when you find that you are still looking left, right, and behind you an hour after you've gotten home.

2- when you purposely play music that the strobe light keeps the beat with.

3- when, after visiting this thread, you plow all night wondering how you can tell if you've been plowing too long.

And the best for last, you get home, your driveway needs plowed, and you bury your own car because you didn't move it prior to your arrival.


Stamford, CT
You know when you've been in the truck too long when...
The producer of Survivor says he wants you to be in his next tv program.

SurvivorIII: the saga of the lonely snow plow operator

Eric ELM

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When you see a strobe flashing behind you thinking someone is coming up behind you only to find out it's your own.

When you get about 30 driveways down your list and can't remember doing the last 15.

When you slap yourself to try to wake up and you miss.

I like the last one that Psyclopse posted. :)

I've never plowed this much in December, more coming tomorrow with a total of 4 more storms by the end of the month.

I know I've been in the truck to much and as cold as it's been, I'm getting a remote starter for my truck. I feel like I live in North Pole region.

cutntrim - Veteran
You can't remember what day it is, when you last ate a normal meal at a normal time, when you've slept more than 3hrs at a stretch, and your body feels like you've been sprayed head-to-toe with WD-40 since you haven't showered in an aeon.

Two years ago during a long, and heavy snowstorm my partner was plowing a restaurant and swore he saw people inside eating and watching him plow. It was 4:00am and the restaurant had been closed for 5hrs. My partner frequently suffers from insomnia and doesn't get enough sleep even when he isn't plowing. Another hallucination he had was at an off-the-beaten-path industrial plow site where he saw a 10ft tall green alien walking across the parking lot while he was plowing. That freaked him real good.

Last year my dad had half-finished a lot, wondering why he was tripping the plow over cracks in places where they hadn't been before...then he realized he'd been plowing the lot BESIDE the one he was supposed to be plowing. Just then the guy who had that lot's contract arrived, and had a good laugh at my dad's expense.


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Youve been in the truck too long

1.)When you can make up entire songs and sing them along with the music regardless of what the music is.
2.)When the Guy that bitched at you when he got home from work for plowing his driveway in,is now bitching cause you plowed him in and hes gonna be LATE for work.
3.) When you start looking for the plow & spreader controls on your Dodge Intrepid on the drive home from work.
4.)When you have to introduce yourself to your family !
5.)When you have a tab at the convenience store instead of the bar!
6.)When the manhole castings and bridge expansion joints start waking you up.
7.)And finally when you start talking to the truck and you swear its answering you back!!!!!!!



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S. Maine
You start talking to yourself (OUT LOUD)
When you burn up 2 tanks of Diesel fuel
When you go from turtle necks and sweatshirt down to a t-shirt.
When towards the end you forget you put in 2WD and wonder why it plows like crap!
When you finally get home and its a WHOLE NOTHER DAY wow It was just monday a couple of hours ago!


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When you tell your wife your going out for one more lot after being intruck for seven days without more than two hours sleep. You wake up at dairy mart the lot is being plowed, and that guy is laughing his but off every time he goes by you cause he knows we just got a foot of snow. The wife has called the hospital and cops with no luck. Got cell phone now ! Also toooooo looooooong when you got cut underwear out from under pants and toss out window.. jammin Maybe when you push in clutch to find out you are driving other truck AUTOMATIC>


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St. Paul, MN
Been too long when -
You actually start to like that smell eminating from all parts of your body.

Stairway to heaven comes on and you get a little misty.

Your convinced that red m&ms do taste better than brown ones.

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