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I've ran bobcat's inside of small silo's and shed's etc, with no problems. MAKE SURE THE AREA IS VERY VERY VERY VERY WELL VENTILATED THOUGH!! I can't stress that enough. I know OSHA frowns upon stuff like this and some confined space regulations may come into play in the civilian sector, but you need to make the call. They sell and rent exhaust fans and small ducts for work such as this insode of buildings. Might want to research that option a little bit more.

As far as running the tools off of it, it should work if hooked up properly, which as you can tell by my last question, I can't really tell you how! :)

Just a suggestion - if you need to do any more of that basement work, it might be easier to rent an air compressor and jackhammer with enough hose to get it through a window or door into the basement. Then you won't have to worry about any machinery in there. Still want to keep the site well ventilated though cause old concrete can get nasty when your breaking it inside of a building.

Well Hope this helped!


your telling me it gets nasty in there for ventilation. do they make an exhaust tube, like they have at service stations for running in an enclosed area.

i want to use the machine to do this work because i weigh 155 and the jack hammer beats the hell out of me. i'd rather have it on a dingo that weighs 2000 lbs and can get its weight behind the work.

this basement was small, to get down there, you had to go down through a door, no more than 4 feet wide, down a flight of steps.

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