yj or tj jeep for light plowing?


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Milwaukee, WI
Now that I have decided to go with the Meyer plow I asked about earlier, I am having second thoughts about the vehicle. I have a very low mileage YJ Jeep, but the frame is very rusty, and I do not have the capabilities to do any repairs that may be come necessary to the frame. I am thinking of selling it and looking for one in better shape, but I really would like a TJ. Anyone have opinions on which one is easier to MOUNT a plow on? Looking at the YJ, it looks like there are not too many good places to brace the plow undercarriage, and although I have not looked under a TJ yet, I would think the coil springs as opposed to leaf would free up some frame space in the front.

Scott Fuller
Milwaukee, WI


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REAL Jeeps have LEAF SPRINGS, and tough as nails T-90 crash box trannies, and two sticks for the transfer case and to engage the 4WD. And a long stroke 4 banger, 5.38 to 1 axle gears, coupled with 2.05 to 1 low range transfer case. Try to out pull that one !


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While Tommy10Plows is 100% right, I have a TJ that is my everyday driver with a SnoWay. Four bolts is all that it takes to hang the mount. It was my first time installing a plow and it went smoothly. (How often can one say that?) :realmad: :drinkup: