Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!!!


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Columbus, IN
It finally snowed!!!!!!! wooooooohooooooo!!!!! first of the year, pretty early actually. I think we only got a couple inches but our DOT is already wearing out their edges LOL see them go down the highway here throwing sparks everywhere, no snow flying though??? LOL I get a kick out of them, they're just like me!! hehehe.........I'll get out and play around later.
Eric :drinkup: :waving: :D :cool:

rick barnes

we finally got a little to plow here 2.5, started out at 4 AM, before 6 AM was stopped by 3 people wanting me to plow their lots, guess not to many folks were ready , plowed all my accts by 11:00 then started on the "others", got 3 more signed contracts one is going to be a bigger site form me too. Before I stopped at 5 PM, never had so many folks hire me while out working. G$$D day didn't break nothing or run into anything, put down salt. Made me feel like I was really in the plow business again.
now I got by belly full, washed my a$$ets, think I'll get ready for & put my tired body to bed



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New Jersey
Got about 6" here nice fluffy stuff. went riding on my fourwheeler for 4 hours straight ripped around town. It was a good day.

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Definately something wrong with this picture. You're all out making bucks and we don't even have enough forecast to plow. Supposed to be a dusting to less than 1". :mad:

2" last time.

One plowing this year so far.:(


Stamford, CT
7 inches in 12 hours... More snow in this one storm than we had all last winter. And its still FALL!!!!

The weather people say that its been 75 years since we have had such a heavy snow accumulation on December 5th.

Could be a good omen for us CT plowguys! payup payup

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I went out at 1:30pm yesterday to go do the funeral home i plow. I-95 wasn't moving so i took the post road. People were sliding all over the place and couldn't get up hills. I plowed the funeral home and salted it around 3pm.

When i was at work plowing the lot, all of a sudden i heard a snap and the plow wouldn't angle. Seemed as though one of the pieces that holds the cable onto the control snapped. I used two vice grips and had to hold one and pull/push the other to angle the plow.

After work, i went out from 8-12am. I did around 8 driveways and the funeral home. One driveway i was about to do ,the a$$hole neighbor comes and and is watching is to make sure we don't hit the stone wall he put in or the curb (not on his property though). My friend and I ended up shoveling half the driveway because of this guy and also because it was on a steep hill. Told the owner i'm never coming back again.

Other than that, everything went well. Got more calls today and have to plow a parking lot and 2 more driveways.



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we got atleast 8" ill have to check today to see what the final number was. good news is i did 7 driveways in arount 3 hours. bad news is in the morning when i went to start my tractor the battery was dead and wouldnt charge(have to play with later), so i shoveled most of them, and for the last few had someone work for me who has a blower (first time using one and i love it). well good luck to all. hopefully this is a good sign for the season.

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