yes or no for plow feet?


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St. Paul, MN
Do you leave plow feet on or take them off? The only application where these make sense to me is on gravel.Whats up with those thangs?


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we don't run with shoes on but we still use them

we cut off the shoe part and weld heavy duty casters to the shafts,then we pull up to the garage put our wheels on and roll our blades into storage

Alan Addict
Plow shoes are a joke! They don't help on gravel unless it is frozen and if it IS then you don't need shoes. I never figured the shoes were there to support the plow anyhow but to help cut down on wear on the cutting edge.


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I had shoes on mine but i took them off. now they
hold my garage door open.
my opinion is they are junk. They serve no
purpose. I would take them off and through
them in the corner.


Stamford, CT
A tip o' the hat to finnegan. Great Idea !!!

Who'd a thunk it!!! I tossed my shoes a long time ago, but I wish I had thought of the wheels.

Keep of the good work finnegan.


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St. Paul, MN
That is a fantastic idea to put wheels on. Thanks to you all.PS I did try the search option and nothing specific to plow feet came up.

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
Does that mean that the 'shaft' is the foot that fits the 'shoe' ???

What's that make the pin that holds them on ??

Shoelaces ??


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I would have to agree with everyone in here. When we've tried'em in the past almost always the heads are ripped off of 'em in a few snows. Don't waste your time.

John DiMartino Veteran
I use them for door stops and wheel chocks.I think they would make a good anchor for a small boat too.If you have a Fisher plow,and trip the edge real hard,the bottom of the shoes will dent the backside of the moldboard big time,they will put a dent in them about 2-3" deep,just one more reason to take them off,especially if you have Fishers like I do.
I use them to introduce people to welding. I clamp the shoes in a vice, bring out the 7024 rod and the auto helmet and tell the novice to stop when it is built up 1/2". Then we throw them in the pile with the rest of the shoes, and have a beer.