$ year old Toro 521 snow blower - What is it worth?


The title is supposed to say '4' year old... not $ :D

I was at one of my lawn customers house today trying to get a contract signed for this season. No luck.. he's moving shortly.. but he mentions he has this snow blower and will have no use for it. It's 4 years old and looks like new. The only problem he said he is having with it.. is the primer button does not work...

I didn't look to see what HP it was.. He said it cost him $900

How much should I offer him?

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No idea what it's worth but probably more than this, unless it's a collectable.



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ok i have a related guestion...... im looking for a backup to my toro 521 ( i payed $799 for it new) aand im looking at a little 4.5 hp 21in clearing width.Ive seen them for $399. is that abot right?


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columbiapower, if your looking for a reliable backup i wouldnt buy one of those $399 blowers like MTD ( made to disinigrate) or a Yard Man etc. i had one that didnt even last 6 storms. they are real junk. save a few extra bucks and get another toro or a honda. i just bought a honda hs 520 and man is that thing awesome, paid $600 for it. you can buy them online cheaper plus no sales tax. just my 2 cents.


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I know its a different model, BUT......

For Informational purposes only

Just before last winter, I purchased a demo Toro HS621 from a local lawn and garden shop. It was a year old and hardly used at all, but they couldnt sell it as brand new.

I paid $600 for mine and it was well worth it.

Just remember you get what you pay for.

And if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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