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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, Apr 10, 2000.

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    Next year I will have salt and sand stored at the shop. As you guys know i have a good amount of trucks on the road. No breakdowns so far but ya never know. Also the shop area gets left alone during a storm, which results in a mess. <p>I have one driver that wants to stop driving after this season. He started drving in december when i bough the 93 F 250 HD, the &quot;back up truck&quot; that has become a full time plow truck. Which was not the plan of the truck, then it has become a regular work truck, not in the plan. Anyways i am thinking about making this a yard/service truck and a true back up truck. And add another plow truck to fill the 93's job. <p>This way my current drive will be at the yard to load sand and salt. Keep the yard clear, and the driver will not have to plow as much. Plus someone will be there to help if there is a break down, or if a truck needs help. I stock a large amount of plow and spreader parts, because i keep to a few brands.<p>Anyone else do anything like this? NYSnowpros? Lazer?<p>Geoff
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    We do have a dedicated back-up truck, plus 1 more that our salt driver plows with early in the event.<p>Our snowplow/salt spreader supplier has people on staff 24/7 during slows for service.<p>No yard guy.
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    we started selling sand/salt and salt out of our yard last year and were only open when we came back during a storm to load. It was hard because other guys would show up for salt and my driver would get hung up loading there trucks instead of getting out on the route.This year we started selling Magic salt and sand/salt so we put a loader operator on in the shop and it worked out real well,not only did we sell alot of salt,but we had a back up man just in case we needed an extra man somewhere.I have to clarify that the loader operator person is a girl and if i keep saying extra man she will get annoyed as she reads this forum.she is also the best employee and plow girl we have.If you can afford to have a body at the shop it helps quite a bit.I also have to agree that before we had her at the shop our shop looked like a war zone after a storm what a mess,the extra person really helps keep things organized and tidy<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200
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    Well, i would perfer not to have someone sitting there. I know how long it takes to load trucks, and how long it takes to plow the yard. Guess what he would be in watching tv, and stuff. Only i guess he could keep us updated on the weather. It's just the guy is a great employee and i couldn't run the co with out him in the summer.<p>Oh yea 2-4&quot; tonigh.<p>Geoff