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Biggest improvement for this year.

Last spring I thought of adding a second person at the shop at all time. I allready had a great dispatcher, one of our office employees. My mechanic said last spring that he was tired of plowing after 10 years of great performance. So I said well It would be nice to have some one to load the trucks when they came in for sand or salt. This was the first year we stock piled our sand/salt mix and salt. So at my shop I have a "yard guy / Mechanic"

If something breaks he is there to fix it. When someone comes in for sand/salt they call ahead on the radio and he is in the backhoe waiting. But the best improvement was the fact he used the back up truck to plow our shop, which takes 5 hours to do it right after a storm. When the employees came back to the shop at 9 Pm last night for a break, their cars had been cleared of snow, the area of the shop the entire shop area was plowed. The only thing left to plow was the "back forty" where we store the odds and ends, last year I think that area didn't even get plowed in febuary.

Big improvement, cuts into profits, but is worth every penny. Today was the first day after a storm where I could send employees back to work on utility stuff. Before we were stuck clearing the yard, as we all know if you keep up with the storm on an account you get good results if you let it go, you get bad results.


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He even cleared off your cars for you??? BUY THAT GUY A NICE CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!! People that help out like that are one in a million... hang on to him.


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