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I recently purchased a Fisher XV2 plow.
I just got done adjusting my plow drop speed because it dropped really fast.
Now I would like to find out if there is a way to adjust my angle ram speeds? Whenever I retract the left or right rams they come back to fast and bang pretty hard when they reach the fully retract position.
Is there a way to adjust the speeds of the angle rams?

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Smooth Stop, or "soft" stop, allows the blade to coast
to a stop when a control button is released. The result
is smoother operation, reduced shock to the hydraulic
system and increased hose and valve life.
While there are advantages to having this feature,
there are also advantages to temporarily disabling it.
For example, disabling Smooth Stop allows for more
precise movements of the blade when operating close
to buildings and other obstacles.
All controls come standard with Smooth Stop
ENABLED. To enable/disable this feature, perform the
following steps.
Enable/Disable Procedure
1. Turn the vehicle ignition switch to the "ON" or
"ACCESSORY" position. (It is not necessary to
start the vehicle.)
2. Verify that the control is OFF. If the power
indicator light is red, the control is ON. Press the
ON/OFF button to turn the control OFF.
3. Hold down the R button while turning the control
ON. The power indicator light will turn ON and the
FLOAT light will fl ash, indicating the status of the
Light Flash Indicators
Light Description
POWER – red Solid ON = control is ON
FLOAT – green 1 fl ash = Smooth Stop enabled
2 fl ashes = Smooth Stop disabled
Performing the sequence multiple times will toggle the
Smooth Stop feature between enabled and disabled.

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you'll have to get used to the timing of when to let go of the button, it won't slam so hard. The wing stop kit they sell isn't a bad idea, I probably wouldn't buy it outright on it's own, but it comes with the wing extensions if you end up purchasing those.
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