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X-V left wing movement

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by andcon83, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. andcon83

    andcon83 Senior Member
    Messages: 388

    First storm I hit something with plow. It wasn't than hard, left wing came back some like it was supposed to. After that the wing would come back all by itself in the up position, truck not moving. Took it to dealer, they put a new hydrolic piston on it and adjusted the pressure. Thought it was fine. Now I notice that it is still doing it by not nearly as bad. About every pass I make the wing comes back 3-4 inches. It moves very slowly when in the up position by itself. Is it just a pressure adjustment that I can do or do I need to go back to the dealer?
  2. 2COR517

    2COR517 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,115

    When you say they adjusted the pressure, what does that mean?

    You might be able to tighten the pressure relief valve. Or you may have damaged it when you hit the object. The pressure relief location is in your manual, or you can go to Fisherplows.com. Or just click the Fisher link here. I have hit both sides hard enough to pinch the hose. Replaced the hose, everything worked fine. It's also possible your dealer backed it off a bit when they replaced the cylinder.
  3. andcon83

    andcon83 Senior Member
    Messages: 388

    That is all they told me was they adjusted the pressures. There are quite a few relief valves. Which one do I adjust? Looks like I have to take pump apart just to get at them.
  4. abbe

    abbe Senior Member
    from RI
    Messages: 718

    same issue as my ezvee im just to lazy to pull it apart right now and fix the relief valve. the relief valve needs to be reset