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Wrangler Air Shocks

Discussion in 'Jeeps' started by doppler, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. doppler

    doppler Junior Member
    from mi
    Messages: 6

    Does anyone know if there are air shock kits avalable for the Wrangler X, to help the front end when the western plow is on? I know that Mopar used to make one.
  2. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
    Messages: 986

    Mopar doesn't have any available anymore and I couldn't find any other company with some that would work. Airlift has some bags that will work that are fairly cheap ~$70.
  3. Luppy

    Luppy Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Yup. As noted in another thread, I have the Airlift
    brand air bags for a couple of seasons and they have worked great.
  4. doppler

    doppler Junior Member
    from mi
    Messages: 6

    air shocks

    Thanks I found some air lift bags should work