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WOW , Arctic has bad wirering

Discussion in 'Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher' started by diehrd, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. diehrd

    diehrd Senior Member
    from NY
    Messages: 199

    I hooked up plow in wait for the storm heading my way , Funny thing is i hooked up a day early which i never do .

    Well low and behold , I plug in lights and wham , i have no plow lights , worse yet is my head lights are now fried and when I hit high beams i get all 4 bulbs on the truck head lights to light up with what appears to be 5 volts worth of light.

    So what a cluster f#$% .. I tear grill off and start looking around for a short , and or a bad ground which the truck acts like it has one of each.

    I give up after a few hours , call around for help and end up at a shop that services Big rigs and town plow type set ups , I call Arctic get a wire diagram faxed to me talk to tech Gerry and end up going no where with that except his insistence his harness MUST BE INVERTED, after 3 hours the guy says look I cant figure it out I think truck harness has an issue and or one of the trucks switches or relays .

    He starts to reassemble the truck and in walks a friend of his who says give him 10 minutes to look at it..The first thing he does is look at the Arctic connectors and says I bet the issue is right here , He then messes with the harness plugs that attach to the truck headlights and gets lights , not correctly , I am still getting high and low elements to light up , he then checks fuses finds a dead one and swaps it out and presto I am up again .

    he goes back to the Arctic harness and its inverted connectors and says how old are these I say 1 year he says well there all corroded like there years and years old and you plow plugs are made for **** .

    SO thats my story , although I do love my arctic plow from day 1 I hated the plow light plugs and a year later I now hate there harness connectors for the head lights. 4 hours of life gone at that shop and 2 at my house on lights that in all my life I have never had to play with on any plow LET ALONE A VIRTUALLY NEW PLOW ,,,

    Arctic get you wire harness and plug connectors UP TO STANDARD , until then I would never suggest anyone buy an Arctic ! And to any I have if U do have light issues I apologize for suggesting arctic .
  2. Sharpcut 1

    Sharpcut 1 Senior Member
    Messages: 386

    Pretty interesting, since I just got an Artic in my shop that the headlights are on all the time, even with the switch inside totally disconnected!!!
  3. deckboys

    deckboys Senior Member
    Messages: 198

    i must say aswell i like my arctic but the same issue.... cheap wiring... corrosion at the plugs and they break inside the coating...
  4. diehrd

    diehrd Senior Member
    from NY
    Messages: 199

    I still have light issues,, from the first season brand new , until this 3 rd season .. light issues are a standard features for an arctic set up . . Worst head light harness ever conceived and manufactured .. You would think after 3 years they would have fixed it.. but wtf,, nope ..
  5. Can-Boy

    Can-Boy Member
    Messages: 46

    I have 1 Artic and 3 Boss the next plow I buy will be Boss because of wiring and parts avalibility on the artic. JMO