Would you believe?

First of all thanks to all of you who answered the call with my starter problem. I got it going today! Kind of embarrassed though to tell you what it was. Would you believe I used the wrong dang terminal on the solenoid? After all that knucklebreaking in the cold weather outside on the side of the street! I went out there today, disconnected the plow, actually pushed the truck by hand, back from the plow(by the way I have a Truckmaster dump kit on this baby, with a load of concrete blocks for weight). Then began pushing it down the road, when along came a stranger and the Mailman who lent a neighborly hand. I popped the clutch, got it started, hooked the plow back up, so that I could put it on blocks, then the plan was to go to a garage and have it looked at. Well, I stalled it, in a place where I wasn't getting out without a tow, so I decided to give it one last look. I took out the brand new starter right there, and decided to check it directly to the battery. The starter moter spun like a champ, but the solenoid still wouldn't engage. Then I realized that there were two small terminals on the solenoid, besides the battery cable, and only one small wire to the switch. DUH!!!! One terminal had tape on it so I didn't use it when I installed it that day. Guess what, that was the one that I was supposed to use!! When I tested it to the battery, the solenoid kicked in. I popped the starter back in, hit the key, and Zing VROOM ! I'm back in buisiness! Now not only do I have a brand new starter, but a new ignition switch too. Oh well, that's how things go when you do mechanical work on the wet cold ground with frozen fingers. Now I'm going to tackle the overheating problem that started this whole mess in the first place. Thanks again. Great page, great bunch of guys! Mike B.:rolleyes:


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GREAT!! Glad to hear you got her going again. I've had a few of those repair jobs and you always have to just smile in the end and say, at least I didn't (fill in the blank with something REALLY expensive) ________ and it's running again......



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Mike - it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's done similar things.......................................... ;)

Hardest part is admitting you made the mistake in the first place - and thanks for posting what the problem turned out to be because when a similar problem turns up, there's another possible solution "on file".

Glad to hear the big 'ol Chevy is back in action. :cool:


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Mike, just look at it like this. Could the situation have been worse? There isnt anyone on this site that hasnt done something similar, so dont sweat it. Glad to hear its all good though.



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:) Glad you figured it out.

It made me think of the 68 Camaro I'm looking at as the father & son took it apart & lost interest & now can't figure how to put it back together to sell. They paid $7,500.00 for it & can't even get $2500.00 for it now. I'm thinking of picking it up & putting it back together in my spare time :rolleyes: . It's all there as I seen the 68 before they took it apart. They thought it was going to be easy to do. They have spent $1,500.00 in new interior too. :)