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Would a 2 WD 1 ton Dually work?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by mjmstaff, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. mjmstaff

    mjmstaff Member
    Messages: 88

    I have friend looking at a 1989 1 ton GMC Dually and he wants to put a plow on. He asked me if it would work and I told him I would ask you guys. It has a 3 yrd dump on the back. It looks like it would to me but I wanted some more input before I said anything to him.
  2. KentuckyPlow

    KentuckyPlow Member
    Messages: 64

    It should be fine. It may need a little weight in back, just watch where you go. We have a 1987 1 ton dump 2wd with a plow and v-box. Never had a problem pushing snow.
  3. badranman

    badranman Senior Member
    Messages: 265

    Did you leave the duals on it?
  4. PLOWMAN45

    PLOWMAN45 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,951

    chains both wheels for the best traction like dpw or the state uses i dont see a problem
  5. mjmstaff

    mjmstaff Member
    Messages: 88

    Duals are still on it and he was talking about getting a hopper
  6. EJK2352

    EJK2352 Senior Member
    Messages: 193

    I have a 1979 Ford 1 ton 2 wheel drive that I used for 4 winters of plowing. I put a couple of tons of ballast in the bed and some aggresive mud/snow tires on the duals. It worked good on all but a couple of very steep drives. The key to using a two wheel drive is good tires and the correct amount of rear ballast. I usually carry 1000 lbs. of salt in my 1994 Chevy 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive truck. There are alot of times I don't have to use the 4 wheel drive.
  7. badranman

    badranman Senior Member
    Messages: 265

    I was just wondering 'cause I do see a few duallies going 'solo'.
  8. mjmstaff

    mjmstaff Member
    Messages: 88

    I was just talking to him one the phone and he said the truck was painted white. Under the hood is all orange so my guess is was a county owned truck at one time.
  9. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

    I had a 1986 Gmc 3500 2wd Mason dump with stick shift and plowed with it till last year. It would have plowed this year too but a 84 year old lady didn't think she had to stop at a red light and T boned it at 50 mph.

    You need a 8 1/2 plow to keep all 4 back tires on clean pavement. Put 2 ton clean stone in back. Don't use sand it will freeze and you wont get it out till spring. don't do driveways with it if it get stuck you have to shovel it out or call for pull. It works good in parking lots and streets. Don't plow down a slope if tires get on icy spot it wont able to back out, push up hill or across hill. I plowed with that truck for 17 years. In 96 i plowed 36" storm with it with bald tires. I alway meant to get chains for it but never did. Plowing with it is an art form as you hace to think hoe to keep the truck on clean pavement.
  10. litle green guy

    litle green guy Senior Member
    Messages: 279

    I have a 89' F450 2wd dump with a 9' western uni-mt. and a v-box that we plow with. The truck can move alota snow as long as you have a good driver in it. My truck does large parking lots only and 90% of the time is just driving aroung in circles or doing long stright runs. I also have realy aggresive tires on in, the truck works fine as long as it's used for large lots or roads, you just can't try to push piles back to much.
  11. MSC

    MSC Member
    Messages: 75

    Yes, it will work.
    Just don't get too brave.
    Here's a 2wd that works every storm.

  12. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    I use a 3500 (one ton) DRW but it's 4wd. It's also got pretty aggressive tires with studs all around. This year I left off the inside tires and performance improved dramatically (not that it was bad before). Running the duals you will tend to run on top of the snow. With two tires, there is more weight on each one, biting further into the snow and leading to better traction. I also bought chains for this year, but haven't used them yet. Then I have a 2yd sander I put a yard of sand in just for ballast.

    The advise you're getting about staying with parking lots and roads is very good. You'll need 4wd for most driveways with any snow depth, inclines, backing up inclines or pushing piles. Another thing to be very careful of is don't let snow get behind your moldboard. If you bury the A frame, you will be stuck. I had that problem last year with the DRW even with 4wd. Taking the two inside tires off solved that problem. This year I've run around burying the A frame and everything else I can think of to get stuck. Haven't managed to do it yet, even when I was stacking and sank the front end into the pile.
  13. phillyplowking1

    phillyplowking1 Senior Member
    Messages: 412

    I have a 1992 F-450 4x2 IdI 7.3 diesel with a 9' meyers.This truck is used a 100% comm. plowing. It has a utility body loaded down with tools and a welder and air compressor,so it has alot of wieght on it.
  14. meyer22288

    meyer22288 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,003

    2wd duallys work just fine as long as there is enough weight in the back. put a 9ft plow on it :)
  15. gpin

    gpin Senior Member
    Messages: 390

    I have a plow on my dump dually 2wd, if it gets deep, I put the chains on which are unbearable on clean pavement. I try to leave it on the biggest lot I do. I also try to keep the 4wd trucks close just in case. If this was my only rig, I would network with some local people just in case you need to be pulled out. I have gotten stuck in minimal snow where it melted during the day, froze at night and I got caught in low corner.