Worst Storm In Company History.


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Ok this was the worst storm we have ever dealt with.

I measured 14" of wet heavy snow when the storm was done, however we probably recieved 18 or more, because it compacted.

What got stuck

F 750 In mud 2 times, pulled out by the F 650 each time

F 650 In mud got pulled out by the loader.

F 550 got stuck in snow

F 350 got stuck in snow

3 Broken Lift chains

2 Broken Head Lights from the wight of the snow hitting the lights.

5 Broken Shovels

1 Tosted 2 stage Scotts Snowblower

1 Tosted Single stage toro.

1 Broken tow strap

1 Blown Hydro Hose

Broken Plow Pin Handle.

Like I said the snow was so heavy, that a town North of us was plowing the roads with a D-8.

Do you think I had fun? This is when the mechanic sitting at the shop pays off.


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i guess this nasty winter was waiting to take a toll on you during the last storm. all the equipment took the beating all winter and just let go on this last one i guess. sorry to hear about this. i think the worst is over.


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I can sympathize, Geoff. Sure sucks when the moon and starts align to dump you. It's gotta stop snowing at some point. I'm actually looking forward to getting started on cleanups this year, only because that means the ground wil be bare and dry


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Geof sory to hear about the tough storm. I spoke with my friend in Sebec last night, and the guy that he plws for, also got the trucks stuck several times. I bet the guys driving chevy's didnt get stuck.LOL

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Storms like that - especially at the end of the season - make you appreciate sunshine and warm temps.

Sorry you had to go through that Geoff......
Knowing your preparedness Geoff, I'll bet your company's work and abilities stood out head and shoulders above your competitions'.

If your trucks were getting stuck in the mud, I'd hate to see what the roads up north that were plowed with the '8 look like when the snow leaves. A D-8 isn't exactly a fine-grade machine on unfrozen asphalt or chip seal. :(


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Well the snoblowers were no loss. I mean it wasn't like it broke the bank to fix any of the things. However It was just a lot of problems all at once. It is funny we can plow 2' of powder in january and have nothing breaks. Only you get a wet spring storm and everything goes crazy.

We saw one of our competiors managed to get the front end 3' off the ground. After he rammed a windrow the town made in front of one of his accounts. The truck and plow just rode up the windrow.



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Like you said "mechanic on duty". The way you seem to go about it your competition must have cussed you while they were under their equipment themselves.

Sorry about the bad luck.



We had our worst storm ever this year too on March 8 I cant go through the details, it hurts. We got our butts kicked this year with seasonal contracts bid for 12 pushes. We ended up doing over 20. I learned a lot though. I will be well protected on seasonal contracts next year. By the way, do they have glaciers in Maine? Is this winter ever going to end? We have 2-3' left in some shady spots and the shape of the stuff doesn't change at all from day to day. There are no puddles at the bottom of snowbanks even during the warmest part of the day.

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You guys did get your butts kicked,I feel for you.

I think if you ever get snow like that again,I would definetly use bulldozers right from the get go.:D

Good luck and see ya in the summer when thaw out.