Worst injury while plowing


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Was just wondering if anybody else has had anything happen to them while they were out.

Last year while I was walking around the front of my plow I slipped and landed across the blade on my ribs.
Hurt like crazy and could hardly breath. But had to finish up the job( walks and the salting of them):realmad:
Went to the doc's the next day and found out I'd broke 2 ribs.


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Two years ago (some may remember this), my right lung collapsed while plowing. It's very painful... I don't recommend it. I'm not sure if it was because I hit a pile too hard, or from turning around (looking backwards while backing up) too much. I thought I had hurt my back, so a collapsed lung was the last thing I was expecting.

Same deal though... I had to get the lot finished up, so I kept going for a few hours.

P.S. Broken ribs must suck really bad... I've bruised a few, and that hurts!


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How about getting ready?

I can't recall getting hurt while plowing, but I tore myself up pretty good getting ready once.

I was prepping my old V-box for a storm and it had some ice in the bottom. I started it up and ran the conveyor, but the ice clogged the chute. I left the conveyor run and got a breaker bar to punch the ice down through the chute.

I said to myself, "This is a dumb idea!", and sure enough, it bit me. The conveyor chain grabbed the bar and the bar pinched off the tip of my finger between it and the V-box. It was hanging by a quarter inch of meat.

Luckily it was so cold there was very little blood, my buddy drove me to Medicus and they sewed it back on with 10 stitches. I kicked myself in the rear end for a month after that one.

I normally don't do things so stupid, but I figured, "Just this once". Once is all it takes, I was lucky to get away as easily as I did.


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I have a bad back (3 herniated discs). I find when I'm feeling fine I do something I know I shouldn't and often pay the price later. The day before Thanksgiving I did alot of driving with my department auto. It is a 96 Caprice with the 9C1 bucket seats (Vynal and NO LUMBAR support). I get home, hop out of my pickup and BINGO....back pain! I've been real bad even today. All my personal vehicles have LUMBAR support. Best advice....BE CAREFUL!


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Mounting a unimount for the fist time for a friend. Storm coming in, and he was away sledding. Thought I would mount the plow so he would be all set to go. Well I didnt read the proceedure on the back of the plow, and I pulled the long pin on the kick stand, down came the head frame light tower motor and all, and jammed the back of my hand between the arched pressed angle iron, and the a frame. Swelled up big time, soft tissue damage no breaks. Storm never materialized, so it was all for nothing, except that I learned how not to mount a uni mount.
One time I was salting a handycapped ramp during an ice storm and I slipped an fell flat on my back, got laid out pretty good, i saw stars and couldn't get up for like 5 minuts.

Another time a tree fell on one of the v-boxes and we where heating it up with a touch to bend it back, one off the other guys was cleaning out debris inside it (why? i don't know) well he grabbed onto the redhot metal and burnt his hand pretty good.
Way back in 1984,first time ever behind the wheel of a plow truck.Backing out of a tight spot with the wheel turned hard,gave it some gas and the steering wheel came flying around and dislocated my thumb.Major pain.Understood why I was warned to keep my thumbs out of the spokes.

Did the same thing as Dino with a western Uni-mount 10ft on an F700 Dump.Pulled the wrong pin and whammo,got me right square in the forehead,knocked me out cold.Learned the procedure real quick after that one.

Didn't happen to me,but I did witness it.One guy was trying to get a truck into 4WD,and didn't realize it (the transfer case) was in neutral.Put it in park,hopped out and the truck ran clean over two guys standing behind it.One guy was fine,just a few cuts on his hands,the other guy caught the trailer hitch reciever square in the butt as he tried to get away.Torn rectum,needed some painful surgery and never did return to work.Painful,I'm sure,but it could have been a lot worse for both of them.


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I hit my head on the windshield plowing a gas station (fill holes), my wife had on her seatbelt, it bruised her across the chest for two weeks. I was only sore for a few minuites.

I ordered a urethane edge that afternoon..... Ill never go back

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Well I didn't get seriously injured but my two buddies did when we went to do a farmer's home. We were to clear some snow and remove a few pieces of trash he asked my buddies to do. I'm doing the snow removal while they are gathering trash. Jeff picks up a lawnmower engine and wings it towards the pile unaware that his brother just got hit upside the head from it! OK, I stop everything to see what the commotion is about. Here, his brother punched him in the face and threw a board at Jeff in retaliation. As I walk into the barn to try and stop the nonsense, I fall through a weak floorboard, holding myself with my arms as my feet dangle just above beef cattle and my ribs and stomach are all scraped up!! That was enough to get them to stop as they helped me up, and I had to drove them both to the E.R. for stitches! Talk about the Three Stooges!:eek: :eek:

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te worst thing that happened to me pain wise was sucking a lead cord up in a 2 stage blower that was LIVE... nothing like a little electropoke, other bad one was working on my old john deere, couldnt figure out why it wouldnt start so I had a plug out of the right side and told Jeremy to hit the key to bump the motor to see if the coil had spark, he turns the key and out of nowhere the motor starts on the other cylinder with me holding the 2nd plug, motor turning @ 3600 makes it pretty painful:eek: :eek:



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Ever get hurt

On Jan 30 2000 I get a call from the police dispatch to go sand a private road that a sheriff is stuck on, The weather is freezing rain been raining for about 8-10 hours thick ice built up on everything, I get up there and the cop is across the road with his front end sticking out on left side of road with rearend in ditch unable to move. I look the situation over and realize the best way to sand this is to go down the hill backwards sanding, however I didnt think I could turn around the front of his vehicle so I put everything in low, transfer case and gearshift in crawl, I start down over the hill and I loose traction slide down hit the front end of the cruiser bounce off and start to do 360s until I hit something solid and flipped over sander launches out of truck lands off up into the woods, truck on roof crushing the light bar roof, doesnt break the windshield though. The cop comes down the hill to see if Im alright, I cant move crushed a nerve in my leg and my stomach was in alot of pain, didnt know what happened there assumed the gear shift hit me in stomach, so they call fire and rescue, fire breaks windshield to get me out. I go to hospital find out I was bleeding internally. Out for week in hospital. While in hospital I had to sub my route, the guy made 2600.00 off of my route because of all the sanding that had to be done. I get out of hospital, and find out that the tow truck was trying to charge me 1700.00 for the wrecker call. I haggled with the guy and paid only 1100.00. Then I found out that the sheriffs dept went against my ins. and I bought a cruiser that I couldnt even drive. I will never forget that day and still to this day I dont like sanding in that weather.


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Worst one I saw was when a truck was stuck in snow, my friend went over and chained up to the stuck truck.

Second truck backs up to attatch the chain, as my friend is
hooking up the drivers foot slips off the clutch, was still in

Pinned my friend between vehicles busting both ankles. Think
of that one every time a vehicle is stuck!!


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A rule we follow at the Fire Dept. is never to place yourself between a vehicle and stationary object, until the vehicle is in nuetral or chocked. Careless accidents, like the one I posted can be avoided if we use our heads and common sense.

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Steve, you are lucky with only getting your finger pinched. I remember a story similar to yours a couple years back, only it was a different piece of machinery. Guy wound up being decapitated. DOA?