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I am new to this forum and appreciative of all the insight that I've gained from it. 'Just retired last April, from the Navy, and started a railroad right-of-way maintenance/brush-cutting business in Southern MD. I'm plowing to take up the winter slack but we haven't seen much snow (not a flake from the big Noreaster). I've got contracts to fulfill down here but am looking for some work further North (for when we dont get dumped on). We've got family in Bucks County PA so when the "big one" didn't hit, I packed up the wife and kids, plow and spreader and headed up there. I found about a half day's worth to push however, would rather have something a bit more solid than the search and find method. Are any of you guys in need of a sub? I've got 20 yrs in SEAL Team and know how to get the job done.

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