Wont start


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Lafayette, LA
If you read my other post i wheeled my blazer this weekend and while hosing off something must have happened or I just lucked out and broke down in my driveway. Here are the symptoms. I believe its either the starter or the cylinoid.
  • key in the ignition when I turn to crank it makes a sort of clicking sound....almost like something is frying The choke light fades completely out if I hold the key in the on position and fades back in when I release
  • The battery terminals have been cleaned and checked for proper contact surfaces
  • with the starter unbolted from the engine but still power-fed the ignition makes no sound at all and the choke light stays constant
  • ran fine started multiple times after useage and hosing prior to this. Truck ran 5 minutes before I tried to restart.


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By "with the starter unbolted from the engine but still power-fed" I take it you mean the starter is hanging free but the wiring is still connected?

If so, I would think it may be the starter motor - unbolted it isn't grounded and won't try to turn. The choke light fading out may mean the starting motor is drawing all the juice trying to crank over.

You checked the battery connections, are the ones at the starter motor itself also good?

And, is the battery itself fully charged?

Have you completely removed and bench-tested the starter? If not, I would try that next.

That's all I can come up with right now for suggestions. Hopefully at least one of 'em may be useful. :)


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Lafayette, LA
For the most part yes...

Yep by unbolted I mean hanging free but still connected. I realize that means its ungrounded. I also think the starter is the culprit. I just sprayed the starter motor connections...didnt have time to really clean them

Being that I was in a rush I just left the blazer at home and jumped in my 85 to come back to school. I won't be able to bench test it until this weekend.

The battery is definately fully charged.

Thanks for all the suggestions I really hope its starter related and nothing more.