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By "easiest to work on", how much of your own work do you intend to do on the plow? Are you referring to the plow itself, or the hydraulics?

Either way, it will depend on how well equipped & "handy" you are. I can change my own hoses/cylinders etc, but for work inside the pump/powerpack I'll let a proper shop handle that.

As far as working on the blade, since I weld for a living I can build my own plow "from scratch" if I want to, and repairs of any kind are not a problem.

As for "best plow", that's a question that often kicks off a heated discussion. First off, do a search under each of the major brands. (Western/Fisher/Meyer/Boss/SnoWay etc etc etc) and see what's been said about them already. Then, find out what you have nearby in the way of dealer support.

The "best plow" IMO will be one that you can get service & parts for easily AFTER the sale is completed, WHEN you need that service and/or parts.

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