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Wireless pro control 2 battery problems

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by snow4me, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. snow4me

    snow4me Senior Member
    Messages: 127

    I just bought a 29R Plow with the wireless pro control 2 and today I went to power up the controller after it was fully charged and it would not light up. I plugged it in to see if that would help and I got trhe red LED indicating it is charging. I figured you could still use this unit while charging but it still would not power up.

    So I open it up and notice there are two small magnets inside the face hopusing and one has come loose and stuck to the battery. Tried to replace it into its indented location and it keeps sucking out onto the battery when I try to close the unit up. Are these supposed to be glued into the unit?

    Help I have to plow in an hour!!!
  2. snow4me

    snow4me Senior Member
    Messages: 127

    Ok figured out he problem. Those small round magnets are supposed to blued into the face cover... easy to see where they go into the same size plastic surround. When I put my glasses on and hit it with a LED flashlight I could see glue reside from where they shook loose. Snoway has some good ideas but they must negotiate for cheap pricing with the company they outsource to manufacture their remote wireless controls. There was only a tiny bit of glue reside and it could not have been a good glue because the unit was never dropped and at best may have gotten jostled around while using inside the cab of my truck over the weekend plowing. I crazy glued them back in and ran copper antenna wire along outer edge of printed circuit board so it would not come in contact with anything it should not be touching. I was dangling loose over the board when I disassembled this pro control 2 unit. Close it back up charged it and now it is working better than when I received the unit. It seems like everything reacts quicvker to inputs from the controller now... before there was a lag.