Winter weather event from Hell

Alan Addict
Tuesday morning we had freezing rain/sleet turninf to rain and then to snow. I got salt down with the first precipitation and that kept any bond from forming. Less than in inch of little ice pellets fromt eh sleet, cemented bogether by the freezing rain. Crunchy under foot or tire and surprisingly good traction on it. Got a load of mix on the dump truck as I have two contracts taht actually call for that mud on part fo the site and I wanted to have it ready to go for Wednesday morning. Our vee box was out of the action as the truck it rides on was one the injured disabled list. Really wanted to be able to salt again but the truck was full of mix! Watched as about 2" of snow fell on the ice through the evening. ARGH!! Called a buddy to see if I could use his truck and vee box. He ws heading out to do his big customer, Ben & Jerrys plant in St. Albans. I offered to help him plow if he's salt for me. DEAL! Plow for two hours, stop for coffee on the way home and we changed plans as the snow was still coming down heavy. Too much on the ground now to salt without plowing first. Buddy says he'll be available by about 8 Wed. morning, after he hits B&J again. I headed home, planning to sleep for a while and then head out to plow. By the time I got back here it had stopped snowing (midnight now), so I started plowing. At 4AM I called my son in and we finished all the commercials by 7. Called buddy at 8, machine answered,,, ut oh! (He finally called back at 1PM,, fell asleep himself. Sanded where I had to,, then used the rest of the mud on a few sites that were icing after they had been plowed. 10AM now,, grab an hour nap. Back out,, load Magic salt and plan to start salting. WHITEOUT!! No point salting in THIS! Nap time again,, a whole 2 hours this time. Back out at 6PM, two trucks, plow all night, finish up at 5AM. One pass over all the residentials and salted all the commercial accounts. TIRED,, 3 hours sleep in the past 50. I'm getting too old for this $hit!!


Just 50 hours of work?????I thought that was a normal Milton day.

Just kidding. Must have been rough. I left here yesterday morning and went over to the shop in Dover, had a pusher edge delivery to make in Manchester. Usually takes me about 45 minutes from Dover to Manchester. Raining in Dover, got to University of New Hampshire turned to little ice do do like you had but no traction too wet. Took about 2 hours to get to Manchester the guy was jumping up and down because he wanted to use the pusher last night. Droped it off headed for home usually an hour to hour an fifteen minutes to another 6 hours to get up 93 to 89 and it was Little Richard all the way "Slipping and Sliding, Peeping and hiding" man what a ride. 4 wheel drive all the way.

Alan - I remember you writing about a similar storm last spring. Never rains but it pours, eh?

We had two weather fronts collide above us Tuesday - record snowfall. We are looking for sleep too. I work full-time in forestry, so my concentration at work is not exactly 100% lately. My father, at 68, is looking pretty wrung out too. He does more of the volume than I am able to.

It is still snowing, should stop tomorrow for one 20 degree below day, then more called for Sunday. My plan is to plow tonight, push banks tomorrow, service equipment tomorrow night, and sleep saturday night. No breakdowns though.

Father and son teams can sure work well. Sounds like yours does too.
The next George Clooney film, "The perfect Snowstorm"

Okay, I'm realllly sorry for that one.

In Northern Il. it melts and freezes every day for two weeks. Been salting and spreading ag lime. Want to get back to plowing. But not that bad!:) Hang in there guys summers coming.

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