Winter Storm Warning


Well guys, haven't been on for awhile; really nothing to report.

We are supposed to get 1 to 2' of snow between tonight and Monday evening. You guys can't have everything you know.

jason2 Veteran

Same storm that was up here. We got about 5 inches in Spokane. A little more north of town where I live. The winter storm warning expired up here today.

Kept busy plowing saturday, put down some sand today. Looks like snow all week up here. Be kind of nice since we had about a two week break between plowable events. I'm sure glad I'm not out on the right coast. I feel for you east coast guys not getting any snow.


Got about 10" today. Suposed to be another foot tomorrow.
Did the roads twice, got the neighbors, and our place. Started at noon, ended at 6PM. Not a bad day.

Gee......the road sure looked wider yesterday !

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