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Winter Storm Jonas - Jan 2016

Discussion in 'Weather' started by Flyboy77, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Flyboy77

    Flyboy77 Senior Member
    Messages: 139

    Can't wait to here from some of the guys in this, but I imagine they're pretty busy at the moment.

    Here's some updates as of 7:45amCT from weather.com

    Top snow and ice totals reported as of 6 a.m. Saturday:
    West Virginia: 21.5 inches of snow at Omps, in the northern part of the state.
    North Carolina: 18 inches near Jonas Ridge. (The coincidence did not escape our notice.) Also 0.65 inches of ice glaze near Selma.
    Kentucky: 19 inches Argyle in central Kentucky; 5 inches of snow and 0.30 inch of ice in Bowling Green; 2 inch per hour snowfall rates in Jackson.
    Virginia: 16.4 inches in Chantilly west of Washington, D.C. Ice had accumulated to 1 inch near Old Liberty.
    Maryland: 20 inches in McHenry in the western Maryland panhandle
    Tennessee: 14 inches in Jamestown. Nashville reported thundersnow during the day Friday with a storm total of 8 inches.
    Pennsylvania: 23.5 inches in boswell, in southwestern Pennsylvania.
    Ohio: 10 inches at Franklin Furnace, in the far southern part of the state near the Ohio River.
    Arkansas: 8 inches near Sherwood, Cabot and Jacksonville. The winter storm has ended in Arkansas.
    South Carolina: 7 inches of snow in Chesnee; 1/2 inch of ice glaze in Fort Mill. Both are close to the North Carolina border.
    Georgia: 6 inches in Macedonia, just south of the North Carolina border.
    Illinois: 5.5 inches at Shawneetown, in the southeastern parts of the state near the Ohio River.
    Indiana: 5 inches in Floyds Knobs, just over the Ohio River from Louisville.
    Alabama: 3.5 inches near Harvest, just to the northwest of Huntsville.
    Delaware: 3.5 inches at Stockley, in the southern part of the state.
    New Jersey: 12 inches at Wildwood Crest, along the Jersey Shore.
    New York: 6 inches at LaGuardia
    Louisiana: 2.5 inches in Haynesville, near the Arkansas border.
    Mississippi: 2 inches in Oxford and Myrtle, both in northern Mississippi.

    During the early stages of Jonas' development, snow fell in the Plains states Thursday. Snowfall totals included:

    Kansas: 10 inches in Barnes; 9.5 inches in Haddam
    Missouri: 3 inches snow in East Prairie
    Nebraska: 9 inches in Hebron; 8 inches in Hubbell

    High Winds

    Very high winds are developing over the Mid-Atlantic, as expected, just north of the low pressure center associated with Winter Storm Jonas.

    Some of the highest reported wind gusts thus far include:

    85 mph on Assateague Island in Virginia (4:40 a.m. Saturday)
    75 mph at Langley Air Force Base near Newport News, Virginia (12:43 a.m. Saturday)
    71 mph in Poquoson, Virginia (1 a.m. Saturday)
    70 mph at Wallops Island, Virginia (4:32 a.m. Saturday)
    70 mph in Lewes, Delaware (5:00 a.m. Saturday)
    69 mph at Cape Henry in Virginia Beach, Virginia (12:12 a.m. Saturday)
    66 mph in Georgetown, Delaware (4:40 a.m. Saturday)

    Top sustained winds include:

    57 mph at Assateague Island, Virginia (4:40 a.m. Saturday)
    56 mph just offshore at the Chesapeake Light buoy east of Virginia Beach, Virginia (12 a.m. Saturday)
    56 mph in Lewes, Delaware (5:00 a.m. Saturday)
    55 mph at Cape Henry in Virginia Beach, Virginia (12:12 a.m. Saturday)
    55 mph at the Brandywine Light buoy in lower Delaware Bay (5:00 a.m. Saturday)
    53 mph at Wallops Island, Virginia (4:36 a.m. Saturday)

    :salute: payup :eek:
  2. Brains

    Brains Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    Stay safe everyone!
  3. wva2

    wva2 Junior Member
    from 26250
    Messages: 1

    hi all 24" in Belington w.v. 36+ in the mtns near Mabie W.v Hope all is safe
  4. Boomer123

    Boomer123 Senior Member
    Messages: 371

    And where I live in Michigan zero inches. We got nothing.
  5. unior

    unior Member
    Messages: 32

    About what we had in Buckhannon

    Did ya have fun this storm? I just broke a front axle this morning :mechanic: