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Winter season update

Discussion in 'Operasoft' started by Operasoft, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Operasoft

    Operasoft Member
    Messages: 73


    I wanted to keep you updated on our latest achievements, always dedicated within the Snow & Ice management industry.

    The past 3 months have proven more than ever that we have become an important part of our client's success. Our technology, our customer service and our knowhow are achieving unprecedented success on many levels.

    Here are some of the more recent victories which I'm particularly proud to share with you;
    • We launched our all new Snowman web-based platform, packed with over 50 new features
    • We launched our brand new Android based 7’’ GPS in-vehicle terminal, called Snowboard.
    • We’ve surpassed 90 customers across 7 Canadian Provinces, and 20 US States
    • We’ve grown our team to ensure you have the best training & support possible
    • We’ve doubled our office space, making room for more of the brightest minds to join our team

    In 2013, I'm committed to sharing more news on a regular basis with you. We have many success stories to tell and I want to make sure you're regularly updated.
    • For example, one of our customers has grown their revenues by 30% with the same personnel and equipment.
    • Another completed the acquisition and integration of a competitor between two snowstorms.
    • Several other customers have successfully expanded their geographical territories.
    • Also this winter, the Ottawa Public Transit Authority has counted on our solutions to ensure that over 400 bus stops and shelters are serviced within the expected constraints by subcontractors.
    We are very proud to be part of our client's success and we hope to be part of yours in 2013.

    Be among those who think big, win larger contracts, and grow profitably!

    It's thanks to very close collaboration with our clients that we've managed to evolve so much, so quickly. “We make snow fun”, it’s what we try to do every day.

    Don’t hesitate to respond to this if you'd like to speak with me.

    I’d also like to personally wish you a 2013 filled with health, happiness and success.


    Hardware Kit.jpg
  2. IMAGE

    IMAGE Sponsor
    Messages: 1,747

    Hey JP,

    The video that Paul posted of the Snowboard was awesome!

    so I have a couple questions...

    1) Paul mentioned that you must have Snowman Pro to do all that in Snowboard, and you have a free "Snowman" system on your website... So can i do everything Paul showed in the video with the free version of Snowman?

    2) What are the differences between Snowman and Snowman Pro?

    3) What is considered a "User" for Snowman Pro? Is that an office person? Or an operator? Or a piece of equipment?

    4) Can I have some units just running the Snowflake, and some with Snowboard? And can I view the status from the Snowboard for all the other routes running Snowboard or Snowflake?

  3. Operasoft

    Operasoft Member
    Messages: 73

    Hey Steve,

    You have good questions, it's best if we speak over the phone. I left you a few messages, you must be one busy guy.

    A user is person who will have access to Snowman Pro to create contacts, contracts,invoices, print/emailed contracts & invoices, create products & services, dispatch service calls, pull billing, service, tax reports.

    Minimum monthly charge for Snowman PRO is only $250 per month for 5 users. That comes to a meager $3000 per year to run your complete snow and or summer businesses.

    With regards to the other questions you can view the differences on our website (http://www.operasoft.ca/en/features) or I'll glady take the time to explain over the phone.

    Give me a call today, it would be quicker to explain and answer all other questions you may have on the solutions.

  4. IMAGE

    IMAGE Sponsor
    Messages: 1,747

    Thanks JP,

    So the Pro version basically is the QRM part that we talked about before? So for just the routing and tracking I can get by without Pro?

    I really should of got this a long time ago when we started talking about it... you've got to be the most patient guy I know, we've been talking about it for 2 yrs!! Thumbs Up
  5. Operasoft

    Operasoft Member
    Messages: 73


    Snowflake & Snowman is simple tracking & reporting system, that will allow you to trace run histories, view service locations time in-attendance, validate hours worked, sub-contractor management, proximity report for damage validation, creations of routes, printable route lists with driver comments per locations, Provide detailed proof of passage for any slip & fall cases that may come up. Our Live View mapping to monitor real-time movement, route progress and much more. This is provided by the entry level Snowman software with the use of the Snowflake GPS hardware.

    About me being patient, thanks. I'll never force anyone to purchase our solution. I can only guide people to what they may need, and if they aren't ready they won't be be happy with it.

    I think that anyone operating a snow / summer business, should be looking at our solution.
  6. MogMan

    MogMan Senior Member
    from Qc
    Messages: 198

    I was wondering about this too.

    What about a 1-2 tractor setup ?

    Also, if its possible to pay only for the winter months
  7. Operasoft

    Operasoft Member
    Messages: 73

    Hi Mogman,

    You can not do what Paul showed in his video with the free Snowman solution. Paul is using the Snowman Pro software to manage contracts, re-newels, invoicing, service calls etc...

    You would need to sign onto the Snowman PRO Solution and also purchase the Snowboard in-vehicle terminals required.

    As our solution is a complete system to manage and operate a snow and or summer businesses we only offer 12 minimum contracts.

    You and I should talk, as it would be easier to know what you would be needing for your company.

    About a set up for 1-2 tractor set up, of course. There is no minimum number to use either of our solutions. (Snowman Lite or Snowman PRO)

    Feel free to call me today.