Winter 2021-22 salt


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SE Michigan
Is bagged material just that much more expensive? I have quotes for 50lb bags at $160 a ton!!
Bagged material could be anything.
Bagged rock salt runs around 6.25 ish per bag.
Adding different minerals like Magnesium, calcium, etc increase price. It’ll say in the front somewhere what’s in the salt


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Local concrete guy told me today not to put any rock salt on any of the local concrete….
He said that he salted some of his own concrete before and it left “pot marks” and that he had to fix the concrete …..
I’m in the panhandle of texas. It doesn’t get too cold here for too long. His remarks threw me off a little, kinda got me to questioning everything. Rookie here; this will be my first season dealing with ice/ salt. Any ideas?!

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