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Wings or Not??

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Duplantisjj, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Duplantisjj

    Duplantisjj Senior Member
    Messages: 111

    OK, I searched the site for wings but really didn't find my answer. I own a restaurant with about a half acre size parking lot. Last year, I spent $7,000 in snow removal. This year I decided to put a plow on my 02 1/2 ton Chevy. I was convinced that a poly plow was the way to go because it was supposed to be easier on the truck. I then talked to the contractor that plowed my lot last year. He said I needed a plow with wings or else I'd be spending a lot more time plowing. The two plows I was considering was the Boss Poly Standard and the Western Poly Standard. Neither one accepts wings. For wings I would need a steel plow.

    Any words of wisdom either way?? I need to make a decision soon like in the next day or so. I'm in Alaska and we are already seeing the white stuff. We had about 6 inches this week already but it didn't stick.

    BTW Great Forum....I learned a lot already in the past few days of reading.
  2. Lbilawncare

    Lbilawncare Senior Member
    Messages: 144

    You do not need wings, especially if this is your only lot. You can afford to plow with the storm.
  3. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    DU........ I have a set of Turkey Wing brand wings on my Western 7-6 steel straight blade. i plow a large "T" shaped lot for my bar and the bank next door.
    All my snow has to be pushed from the front out back on my field because of intersecting streets and the bank drive thru lanes...............

    I have parking lot and buildings on each side so I need a box like pusher to get the job done...............
    A Vee plow is out of the question...Mee too cheap !!!!!! LOL !!!

    I do my back dragging first and slip on the wings and go to town.
    The turkeys just slip into a bracket mounted on the blade.

    They also fully trip with the blade. The cats AZZ for my application !

  4. Jon Geer

    Jon Geer Member
    Messages: 834

    I would recommend a Blizzard 810. You can use the wings when you want to, and still be able to stay warm, because you have full control from the truck.

    Also, if you look at the specs. for some of the other plows, especially POLY, their plows are going to be just as heavy. POLY plows have to add all of this steel reinforcing to hold the shape of the mold board.

    You will spend less time in your lot with an 810, but the initial investment might look pricey. The plow will pay for itself in less than a year if you were spending $6000-$7000 last year. Total investment this year- $4500. Not bad.

    Even the Blizzard straight plows carry more snow than the other guy, attributed to the innovative mold board design.

    Just some thoughts. Hope I helped. :bluebounc
  5. 04superduty

    04superduty PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,354

    i wouldnt put a 810 on a half ton that is alittle to much weight Jon. look at a smaller plow, like a 8 footer or bosses 7'6" v blade. the poly will reduce the amount of snow that sticks to your plow but as Jon said it will weigh more. the ploy has to be thicker so the wieght adds up but it isnt much, about 30 more pounds for a boss 8'2" v blade. remember your truck is only a half ton, so dont expect it to do wonders. keep the number hand for the guy who use to plow for you but dont expect him to drop everything if your truck goes down.
  6. Duplantisjj

    Duplantisjj Senior Member
    Messages: 111

    Thanks for the responses. I have decided to go with the Western Steel 7'6 Standard Plow with the Ultra Mount. I like the way that mount looks. The plow weight with the mount is roughly 650lb. The Western dealer is going to give me a set of Western wings for $250 that attach to the plow with pins. The plow is costing me $3900 installed.....a little high but this is Alaska, so we pay a little more for things up here. I have the Z71 package with facory towing package...the dealer says my torsion bars are little more beefier with the Z71 but suggested a better battery and maybe some timbrens.

    Thanks Again....I learned a lot about plows on this site. Now I hope I can get out there and actually do it. Kind of looks like fun! purplebou

  7. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    DU...........I think the Westen wings can only be used on the Pro series.
    I HAVE THE Standard series. Not sure if the western wings trip with the blade or not.................

    I love using one on the left side to windrow my snow out back and use both to clean up........ They save me a LOAD OF TIME.......................

    Good luck with them........................

    A Blizzard prob. will be my next rig.............................geo

    My last Western worked 11 seasons and my bud is still working it !
  8. Jon Geer

    Jon Geer Member
    Messages: 834

    I didn't read that he was using a 1/2 ton, my mistake. Still I would use the BLIZZARD 760LT for that truck. This plow can still carry twice the snow as the other guys. Check out the extended plow design and how about that attack angle????? Serious sh*% boys.

    Run a BLIZZARD, your payoff will be reward. Get WIDE, and get BLIZZARD. :salute:
  9. Duplantisjj

    Duplantisjj Senior Member
    Messages: 111

    I'll have to double check with dealer on using wings with a standard plow..he said no problem a few days ago. The Pro is only a few hundred $$ more.

    I like the Blizzard's looks but can't find a lot of resources about them. Their website doesn't show me pictures of the mount...I'd really like to know how my truck would look in winter and summer. Western actually uses a Chevy in their Ultra Mount video so I get a clear picture of things to come. I like the Boss plow too but I seen a mount hitch on a Chevy last week....and boy :eek: that thing was hanging a bit low.

  10. Jon Geer

    Jon Geer Member
    Messages: 834

    I'll post pics of the summer look. I will post in morning. :waving:
  11. Duplantisjj

    Duplantisjj Senior Member
    Messages: 111

    Hey thanks....my Western install is scheduled for Oct 12....I can still change my mind before then :cool:

  12. bterry

    bterry Senior Member
    Messages: 183

    I agree with most everyones comments. But, the $165 I spent on prowings for one of my trucks was the some of the best money ever spent on that truck. I sub another truck w/no extra money for a 9 1/2 foot blade (7.5 + 1 + 1 = 9.5), so no wings on that one. The 3rd truck will be doing small driveways this year, the big truck did 'em last year, and it was alittle much with the wings sometimes. If I had your lot, I'd buy them half way thought the season, so you'll realize for your self how great they are.
  13. Jon Geer

    Jon Geer Member
    Messages: 834

    Summer Look.

    Here's a shot for the summer look.

    Hope it's clear enough. :rolleyes:
  14. Mark Oomkes

    Mark Oomkes PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 13,251

    Hey Jon, unless the Blizzard is taller, can you explain how it can carry 2X as much snow as another straight blade? Can you prove this scientifically?

    Also, if he doesn't have DEALER SUPPORT for a 1,000 miles or even 50 miles, I don't think it would be a wise decision to purchase anything if he can't get parts or service.

    Of course you know how important I think DEALER SUPPORT is.
  15. Jon Geer

    Jon Geer Member
    Messages: 834

    Well Mark,

    If you look at a BLIZZARD straight blade, it has an extended mold board design which has the ability to capture the snow movement in a greater capacity. Maybe the context of 2x's the amount is a bit extreme, but run the plows side by side and the BLIZZARD will carry and move more snow than the other guys plow. Giving that they are equal in length ( 7 1/2 foot to 7 1/2 foot ).

    As you know our dealer support is of the greatest to our customers, I personally give my 110% +++++ to the customer. Our dealership gives the customers top notch support,service,sales,parts, and rentals.

    And, if I recall saying, a product is as good as the dealer supporting it.

  16. Duplantisjj

    Duplantisjj Senior Member
    Messages: 111

    Hey Jon thanks for the picture....Not bad looking "Summer" front end...I could live with it... Looks like the plastic part of the bumber gets notched for the install. Both Western and Boss told me that my bumber would need to get notched out a bit. I guess there's no way around cutting something off my truck for a good plow.

    BTW, I just checked and I do have a Blizzard dealer nearby,,,about 2 miles from my lot.. :D Will have to go check them out tomorrow morning...

    Do you know off hand the weight of the 760LT?

  17. Jon Geer

    Jon Geer Member
    Messages: 834

    Your welcome for the pics. I believe the 760LT weighs about 550lbs. I am so glad you have a dealer so close, I believe he will take care of you just fine.

    Hope all is to your expectations.