Windshield-- Please Help!!!!

Hey Guys,
Here is my problem. 1999 F350, just put on new wiper blades 2 weeks ago. Problem is I have this streak about 2" in width that goes across the windshield, almost looks like a greasy substance being spread back and forth. I have cleaned the windshied, cleaned the wipers with rubbing alcohol. I don't know what is causing this, but it is right in my line of sight. I know some of you guys have to have some good "home remedy" to solve this!!
Thanks in Advance!!!


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Muskegon, Mi
Double "00" steel wool would work . JUst make SURE its not any coarser. I have used it for years and we even used it when I was a prep guy at the Ford dealer. Works great for bugs as well.


BG Ohio
I have always used a product called BON-AMI , its at the grocery store , next to the comet and other cleansers . Dont use anything but bon-ami , they will scratch your windshield. Bon-ami will not scratch but will get all the grease , road tar and "gunk" off the winshield , your wipers will work like the day you bought the truck . I would do that then change you blades again.


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long island,NY
In my Jaguar dealer we have a screen paste made by's the best i've ever goes on like a wax and cleans exceptionally well.If you have a local dealer pick it up or send me a message and I'll see if I have extra to send to you.i also use rainX after cleaning for the untimate wiper operation.


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If anyone is in a real bind some night try a can of
Coke, (not Pepsi) high acid, let it sit a few min.
does pretty good not as good as bon-ami
but should get ya through the night.
If it dont work your out sixty cents.....

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