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Winch Cable Breaking


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So to follow up with everybody else I vote strap. I have been plowing with my wheeler heavily for 6 or 7 years now. I used to do residential driveways with it. The first thing I did was pull the 100' of cable off and store it for the winter, I had a torn 2" ratchet strap. The section is probably six feet long, I tape it to the winch drum and winch it up. Not once have I had an issue with it. On the plow end I had originally sewed a loop over a shackle but the thread I used didn't hold up. I tied a knot around the loop end of the shackle and it has stayed like that ever since I like to pull the bottom roller on the fairlead and grease it up every fall too but that gets neglected now and then.


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Logan, UT
Thanks for your suggestions, I'm going to try eliminating the pulley and rig a way to attach my strap directly to where the pulley is currently located