will you plow on the holiday?

Would you plow on Cristmas?

  • No way. It's a holiday.

    Votes: 3 3.8%
  • Yes, if they call.

    Votes: 6 7.6%
  • Absolutely.

    Votes: 70 88.6%

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OK We're all hungry to work and there's a chance of snow for some of us for Christmas eve day and Christmas. If it snows will you plow?

mdb landscaping

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Glastonbury, CT
looks like we got shafted out of snow on christmas day, but now they are saying there is a real good chance for a big snowstorm the day after. they say the cold air will be in place, so no chance for rain. who knows.


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Since I'm working as a sub, I've already spoken to the contractor I plow for with regard to being away for a few days at Christmas.

I'm back on the 26'th and will be around for New Year's, if needed to plow on those days I will.

After all, snow and ice control is a service industry!


Im curious to see which customers try to weasel out of paying their invoice claiming "OH i really didnt think we needed it after all we were closed." More binding arbitration.


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northeastern WI.
plowed last year christmas eve, had dinner with family at mom and dads place 1/2 hr. away, when gifts were opened and party over they went to bed i went plowing till 4am, they got up for church and i stayed in bed. as 75 said it is a service ind.


Columbia, CT.
When it snows, theres no such thing as a holiday. No holidays, no vacation days, no sick days, ya just go plow. Next best thing to milking cows 365 days a year.

Randy Scott

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Germantown, WI
Absofrickenlutely I'll plow! Money needs to be made. Here in Wisconsin, along with everyone else just about, we need snow and need it bad. Well, I guess either that or freeze for a week so I can try and finish some dirt work still leftover from fall. Either or!


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If you run a service biz ( most do) then if it snows you do your job .:) Between my water well service biz & plowing I've worked some part of almost every holiday for the last 25 yrs. not to say I don't work around dinner with the familys and such. But were in a service biz so we do what we need to do to keep happy custormers since they do pay our bills.;)


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yes. we will plow. All drivers will work. and we will work around family stuff. but we will only do the front lots and leave the back lots for late night. Must maintain safe access. I don't think there is even a question. NO HOLIDAY, NO SICK DAY, ETC as grant said


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All trucks will be one the road, and anyone else that works a regular storm will be there too.

Some wondered why we couldn't let lots sit till x-mas day even seeing they are closed. My answer was simple, I don't want the liablity, if Fire trucks or other emergency vehicles needed to get to the building, and couldn't because it was blocked with snow. That and I am the boss, and I say business as usual.


SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
IF it snows, I'll definately be out. But... it doesn't look too promising, so I don't think I have anything to worry about. Course, this is Chicago... I could be knee deep in snow and collapsed lungs (ha ha) before morning.
yup we gotta work if it snows, no if's and or buts, considering about 75% of the stuff we plow is municipal we HAVE to be there with a full crew. The residentail is gotta get done too. I can't see how you can plow snow and choose if you wanna work or not. Last year we worked new years eve, new years day and we have to sand some of the church lots on christmas eve.


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In 1990 I broke a family tradition of traveling to my Granmother's for Thansgiving because of snow and plowing. Two months later she passed away, I've been kicking myself ever since. Sometimes this business sucks!

I'll be out for Christmas if needed but I will make some time for the family. My route is very local so I can stop in at times. The customers will just have to be patient...


S.E. Mich.
New truck, new plow, new sub. jobs all lined up, bet your a$$ I'll be out there.
Besides, I dont have to report back to the plant till 1/2/02.
Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow............................................


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