Will this be a long snowy winter in Kansas City??


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Here in Kansas City last winter was the worst I can recall for doing snow removal. I recall I only bladed two driveways the whole winter. I only blade driveways and do those with a Deere garden tractor.

I spent a large sum of money to upgrade to a new garden tractor and hydraulic blade this year. I guess my question is I have two Deere garden tractor snow blades to sell and haven't had much interest. I'm thinking of lowering my prices but if this is a long snowy winter I plan to hold tight on my prices for my blades. I've talk to Deere dealers who advised they are selling lots of walk behind blowers and used blades for garden trators.

A couple of weeks ago we got around 7" of snow and everybody freaked out. I know the snow could go either way and the news is talking about towns have about used up their snow removal budget.

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Which JD do you have and do you have a cab on it?
I use a 430 JD with a 54" blade, works out good. I sure like my home made cab I built. It's on my equipment page if you want to make one like it.

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Weather prediction

Weather prediction more than about 5 days into the future is a very iffy proposition. The forecasters have good computer models but it's impossible to get enough accuracy and detail in data to feed into the models. The models are such that very small differences in data input lead to radically different results more than 5 days down the road.
That being said, here's a link to the NOAA 90-day forecast map: http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/produc...easonal_outlooks/color/seasonal_forecast.html


The only problem with the weather forcasts in K.C. is the weather men/women do not know what they are doing or how to read the information.

Today for instance, no acumulation, gave us 1/2" to 3/4"
in Overland Park, KS

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I found out when all the weather people on TV agree on the same forecast, it will not happen. Usually the opposite happens. I use the different weather sites on the internet and get a good idea of whats going to happen.

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