Will extra weight of b/drag blade on plow wear out motor?

steve b

waterloo ia
I'm thinking of adding a back drag blade to my old Electro- Touch Meyer plow. Will the extra weight put to much stress on the the motor? Has anyone put one on and been disappointed with it.
The extra weight will not hurt it,as long as it is not excessive.Keep the backdrag blade as light as possible,and you'll be fine.If the blade is designed and built correctly it should work great.Make sure it has some angle to it,as if it is too straight up the plow will lift and ride up over the snow.


PlowSite.com Veteran
Meyer uses the same pump on there diamond line and they are heavy plows. So no extra wear but I would not put one on a meyer. The angle rams are much lower than other blades so the back blades hit them when the blade folds forward tripping.

What happened with my Meyers on my 77 Dodge. The backdragger tore pivot pins right out of the plow. I had to have the plow all rewelded. So, I would say it is not worth putting one on your plow.

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