Will an 8' SD Boss straight fit an 03 F150?

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  1. Boss says the largest plow is the straight super duty 7' 6". I was originally going to look at a NON super duty plow that is lighter weight, but a lot of members on here say the weight of the super duty model, similar to what a F250/2500 HD trucks would use, should be fine on it.

    I have a local customer of mine that just happens to have a spring model 2007 Boss 8'0" Super duty straight plow he used on his 05 F350. I would have to buy the harnesses and mounting brackets for the F150, but will it fit? I see its only 18lbs heavier than the 7' 6" boss states will work fine. If it mounts up, ill get it. He's offering it to me as part of a job in the next couple months at a price ill find a vehicle for it to fit:)

    The front axle is a 3600lb, yet on Boss website it states an 03 F150 can have 3700/3900/4100 lb front axles, yet ive never seen one yet, not on an 03 at least.

    If it is a little too heavy, could i use spring blockers in the front to keep the front up a little or upgrade the front springs to 3900 or 4100lbs?

    Here is the link anyway http://www.bossplow.com//downloads/steel-strght-specs.pdf
    Is it possible the mount isnt the same type for the 7' 6" and 8' 0" or arnt all boss plows the same except for the 10' or large plows
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    go for it

    I have a 7'-6" Superduty on a 1/2 ton Silverado and it works fine. I would highly recomend using TIMBRENS on your front end for stability.:salute:
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    All the RT3 style mounts are the same in the RT3 series mount...

    You can run anything except a 10 ft or a sport duty series plow.They have their own designated mounts.

    So basically all standard duty and all super duty straights blades, and all Vee's all the way to a 9.2 Vee interchange.
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    Funny you ask.

    I saw an 8 ft Super Duty on an f-150 today. It looked like a pre-2004 f-150, like maybe a 1999 to 2003. It should work. Just put timbrens on it. The f-150 I saw was a regular cab, with a short flareside bed.
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    I would not do it, just to be safe. I've called Boss directly to ask them what can be put on a 2006 F-150 Supercab 6.5ft box, 3750 front axle. They said ONLY the sport duty plow could go on it. Not the standard duty. And definitely not the super duty. The standard duty would work on a single cab 8ft box truck. But not on the supercab. This is the reason I'm going for an F-250.

    You said 3600 lbs? That is less than the 3750 the sport duty was rated for.

    I'm sure lots of people have done it, and it works fine. Its all in the safety rating of the truck, handling, etc.

    I guess for your safest bet, CALL BOSS directly and ask them.

    Hope this helps.
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    Dont bother calling BOSS they will shoot you down faster then lickity split. Of course an 8 footer is not recommended for an extended cab F150...will it work for a while with proper care, YES. I saw an extended cab sporty bed F150 runnin around with an 8'2"V just before christmas:dizzy: Make sure you put a good amount of weight in your bed and put timbrens on the front and happy plowing!

    As it was said before ALL boss plows excluding the little sport duty, and the big 10 footers...ARE interchangeable, as in they all use the same truck side mounts.
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    I have one on my 2003 F-150 Super Crew. Handles it Ok, sags in the front when the plow is on. The pictures is of the truck with the mount
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    If you go pre-2004, the weight rating of the front axles change for the better. Its the newer ones that the manufacturers are shying away from.
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    So the 03 and older have more axle capacity than the 04+, that seems backwards, thanks for everyones ideas though.

    Boss recommends 605lbs ballast for running the 7'6" super duty straight blade, im assuming the 8footer will use a little more than that. When they recommend ballast, is that just IN the bed or have to be behind the rear axle? Thats only ~12 bags of salt, plus the spreader. I could always just make sure i keep it loaded more than running low on salt/weight.

    It wouldnt be used for plowing BIG stuff, mainly small parking lot areas, since my 06 F350 just is too big of a setup for a lot of the little stuff. The F150 short bed and straight blade would be an easier bet.

    Thats great all the RT3 stuff mounts up the same though. Ill actually be brining the plow home with the F350 then and then working out all the install process for the F150 once i get the rest of the harness and mount parts.
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    Its not backwards. That is how it is. You can play around on different manufactuer websites to see. Play with the dates, cabs, and boxes.

    But for YOUR truck, check the inside of your driver side door jamb, that is where the FGAWR is listed. Get on the manufacturer's website. Select the exact year, cab, box, FGAWR and engine of your truck. If you don't see your box/cab listed, then they do not make a plow that will safely mount on your truck. If you only see numbers higher than your FGAWR, then again, they do not offer a plow to fit your truck safely. If you see your FGAWR, select it. Whatever plow they list after that is OK to mount on your truck.

    Its all about the FGAWR.
    A good reference for how/why they do this is on the Blizzard site in the FAQ section. Its all about safety, and YOUR liability in case of an accident.

    For me, that is why I am now looking for an 06 Supercab F-250 with the 5200lb front axle. Anything less than that on a Supercab F-250 won't support a standard plow.
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    arnt all 05+ F250s a 5200lb axle and F350s have a 5600lb axle for gas and 6000 for diesel? or at least the snow plow prep package ive heard automatically adds the 6k option?]
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    No and no.:p

    The snow plow prep on gas is a 5200 lb front end. The lowest the gasser came in at was 4400lbs. I'm sure of it because I was looking at buying a really nice 06 f250 5.4 supercab, until I found out that it had the 4400lb. On most plow manufacturer sites, you can't select anything less than a 5200lb axle because their plows would be too heavy for anything less. The only one I've found so far to fit the 4400lb was the Western Mid Weight. But seeing as I want a Boss 8' Super Duty (like you do too), I gotta find an F-250 with the 5200lb front end.
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    Uh actually he is mostly right. In 2005 ford raised the bar for super duties by adding options for heavier duty axles for the trucks. Years 1999 to 2004 the highest axle rating for 250 and 350s was topped out at 5200lbs.

    Now 2005 and newer Diesel F250 and 350 trucks have optional 5200, 5600 and 6000lb front axle ratings. Any gas jobbers 250 or 350 the lowest ive ever seen was 4400 lbs on regular cab trucks. Once the diesel option is chosen the lowest i think offered is 5200 lb and like said before can go up to 6000lb. I do believe there is truth in that when ordered with a Plow prep most trucks equiped with a diesel get 5600lb or 6000 lb front axles.

    I looked at a 05 f250 diesel regular cab with a buddy of mine and it had the 6000lb front axle.
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    The reason it give the three weights is for the different set ups.
    reg. short box
    reg. long box
    ex cab short box
    ex cab long box

    You mentioned adding spring spacers or heavier springs...:rolleyes: I would recommend a leveling kit or timbrens since its a Torsion bar front end ;)

    I think you will be just fine with the 8'er. I wouldnt go any bigger though.
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