Wideout angle ram fittings breaking

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by mishnick, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Has anyone found that the passanger side angle ram fitting comes loose and then gets bent by hitting the swivel plate nut?

    I have now the second operater coming back with a new wide out complaining about a bad leak on the PS angle ram. As I examined the second one I found that the ORB elbo fitting at the rear end of the ram had come loose allowing the hose & fitting to rotate back to the point where the crimped portion of the hose end caught the front config plate nut when the plow pushed up as the owner hit the pile.

    After pulling the fitting we found that the ram threads were buggered too so ended up eating the cost of a new ram.

    I tried pulling both of the config plate bolts and flipping them around so that the head of the bold is out toward the fitting while the longer nut end of the bold is inside the reciever tube.

    Has anyone else had any problems like this?
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    This photo shows the driver's side but it's the same issue as the right side. It seems the right side is more of a problem because the hose pulls in the direction that loosens the fitting. What I did as an experiement was to pull that bolt out and reverse it so the nut is on the other side. Comments anyone???