Why Would You Constantly Plow A Town Road?

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by Thor78, Feb 1, 2011.

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    So I was woken up yet again the other night by my favorite neighbor plowing the road @ 3am. :realmad: First let me paint a picture. Our neighborhood is a horseshoe shape with only one 300ft. dead end road off of it, which my and his driveways are on, facing each other. My question is this, why the h*ll would you plow this town road constantly? (key word town) Is that even legal? Maybe I could see doing it if it had snowed enough to be deemed un-passable (by the way they do have 2 4x4 vehicles) and absolutely had to get out. Wouldn't't you only have to do 1 pass tho if that were the case? Well it turns out IMO this was never the case. In fact I swear he's out there some days plowing asphalt :laughing: When it actually does snow enough to be plowed, our town does a pretty damn good job. Not only that but they do it in a fraction of the time too. This guy is out there for 1/2 an hour going back & forth, back & forth (300ft. mind you) over & over again every couple inches. Not to mention pushes it in every direction and across the intersecting road into the neighbors yard (town pushes it toward the dead end). Then to top it all off they almost always leave a car or two in the road and the town plows have to go around them. Personally I think I would spare the wear & tear on my truck & plow, get my damn cars out of the road, and let the town do it's job. Maybe that's just me tho.
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    practice makes perfect.....wish you lived closer i could drop by and get some laps in myself.
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    Really, at 3am, on a sometimes dry road??? I doubt "practice" has anything to do with it.
    But I guess you never know :dizzy:
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    call the town barn and ask them what there rules/laws are for private person plowing the public roads.

    thay might have a big legal problem if someone got in a acident and found the road was not correctly taken care of with salt/melting products to control ice as he might be plowing this off.

    and if your legaly not alowed to plow acrros or threw a street with private snow removal what makes him think he can plow the whole road ?

    and lots of towns and citys now have no parking on public road laws during snow removal season .

    i bet that he will have a visit from the local code or public works person. then if that dont work call the cops for noise distubance . most all places its after 10pm. and since its a public road and he is not legaly responcable to plow it as he is not a public road dept worker then thay will prob get a talking to.
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    I bet what he is doing is illegal. In my county (it could be the state im not sure) you could get a HUGE fine for plowing a public street/road. What is weird is you are allowed to push snow across the street here, but if you are plowing the road and the local PD catch you you better get out your checkbook, its going to cost you, a lot. I believe it is a liability reason.
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    wow i would #1 go ask him why--- #2 tell him u like to sleep at 3am --- #3 ask him if he has a roadway permit-- if you plow a roadway (other then municipal) in Rhode Island you need a permit, a buddy of mine got a 3000 dollar fine for not having one up there , they used to leave his dead end till last so he started doing it so he and the neighbor could get out , boy he was sorry when he got the fine in court after being caught
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    gee, around here if you plowed a road, they would pat you on the back and give you a big thanks.
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    if he is suck a stupid d!ck to plow a road and at 3am why would you wana go talk with him. just let the cops handle it.
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    Well it's funny, at first the thought had crossed my mind. Maybe he is just trying to be nice. But now I don't know. I'm honestly not trying to be a jerk here, but my OP was a little venting I guess. I'm new to plowing as I have never owned my own yet, but am not a stranger to using one, and use heavy equipment on a somewhat regular basis. I'm also not trying to get anyone in trouble, that is not my goal, I do however strongly believe in common sense & courtesy and this guy doesn't seem to have much of either. I just basically wanted to get peoples thoughts on this, if I was in the wrong for thinking this way, sometimes more heads are better than one. Also if anyone else would do this, and if so, a logical reason for doing so. Other than "practice" of course and "hey look at me, I have a plow and blinky lights". Don't get me wrong tho, I am a huge fan of blinky lights.
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    I always plow my street. The Town hires subs in my neighborhood to plow side streets and neighborhoods and they do a crappy job on my block. I live on a dead end with a caldesac that is about 1200 ft long with about 16 houses on it. Every neighbor thanks me cause they know how much wider I get the road. And yes sometimes its at 3am. The plows by me plow night and day, dont know why its an issue for you at 3am. The Town most likely welcomes it and says wow, thats one less road they have to plow. Dont know why it would be illegal. You are pushing snow and making a road passable. Personally I think you guys are being way to hard on a guy thats just trying to help out his neighbors... If he is making it worse than it is than I would have a friendly conversation with him give him your opinion but I dont see whats wrong with it???
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    The road in our subdivision is a county road, and way down the priority list, so they don't get to it with the county rig until late in the day (previous evening/night storm). That being said, I don't drop the plow unless it's for a drift that's threatening to block the road. The county has approached me about contracting with them to plow our subdivision, but my light duty rig and the fact that I have only 1 keeps me from accepting.

    I will plow the road just to make it passable, but nothing more. There's no reason to beat up my rig more. The 10 long gravel driveways I have are bad enough.
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    i see your points. but did you even read the orignal post ? :dizzy:

    plowin at 3am basicly for nothing and taking 30 min to do it. then pushing snow all over and making a mess.

    and if he is that stupid do you even want to talk with him ? i know i dont as it would be a waste of my time.
  13. Mabepossibly

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    Im in a similar boat.

    Long, dead end street that sees a lot of drifting. Out of 10 houses only 3 of us live here thru the winter and the village we are a part of only usually runs 1 plow (they have 3 including a sweet Oshkosh) at a time and does not like to pay overtime for night and weekend plowing. Thats fine with me, keep my taxes down. I will touch up my road from drifting on the weekends and I clear much of the circle that my driveway dumps into. The town here is small and we barely have police coverage. As long as you are not hurting anyone and not being reckless nobody bothers you. Plowing, bon fires (gotta invite the fire captains to drink a few beers), target shooting etc. Dont be an ass and you'll be left alone.
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    Maybe he has a plow truck and no accounts so he wants to put it use lol. The only time I drop my plow in my road is when we have a lot of snow I will make a pass or 2 down the middle so the neighbors can get in and out.
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    On my street the town makes one pass down each side and doesn't clean right to the edge. so since i have been laid up all winter my dad comes by with the loader and pushes it back to the edges cleans up the intersection and cleans the place up.
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    Of course I read your post. Whether its your neighbor plowing the road at 3am or the Town, what is the difference. If I am out plowing and I get home at 3 am, if I am going to clean up my block I am going to do it then and not make a special trip...

    I dont see why he is stupid. He is helping out his neighbors.
  17. timinnc

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    There's truth in both perspectives.

    First and foremost, he almost certainly is "trying" to do the right thing by plowing and I think he has good intentions.

    That being said, he doesn't need to take it to the "extreme" of doing it at 3 AM. That is, unless a full-out blizzard is happening and he's just trying to stay ahead of the game.

    I don't think it would be right to report him to the cops, etc., since he really is trying to help. It would be worth talking to him, though, but start the conversation with commenting on how much you appreciate his "efforts" to help keep the road clear, but plowing at that early morning hour is putting a strain on your sleep.

    Now, if the polite approach doesn't do it, and he turns ***hole on you real quick, then you have free reign to call the authorities. I just think that initially dealing with as if he has good intentions at heart is the better way to go.
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    Maybe he is trying to make sure it doesn't freeze up. Town around here doesn't use much salt. Town does a ****** job on my road, Maybe you could send him to my street.:laughing:I am always out plowing anyway so he won't wake me up.
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    small town back roads

    My little town has over 60 miles of road to be plowed and most are twisty gravel that the town does a good job of plowing but as we are not on the school bus route our road is not a priority . My wife goes to work at 7 am, so some snowy mornings before the town has come by I will plow the road enough so she can at least get to the paved highway.
    I don't make it a habit but sometimes it is necessary.
    I don't think the town cares one way or another. I clean up my messes before I go home.
  20. OP

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    Well first off I believe there is a difference between common courtesy/common sense and stupidity. I don't think he's stupid, I lean more toward he only cares about #1. I mean they can't care too much or they wouldn't leave their cars in the road all the time during a storm. It's not that difficult to park a car in your driveway. We are not off the beaten path either, less than 1/4mi to Rt.1. We are also the only other house on this small dead-end road and are not going anywhere that early in the morning. So again, help, I don't know. Besides, the road is almost always plowed by the time we wake up. If it's not, it is shortly there after. To be fair it's not always at 3am, but when it is the difference is this. It takes a town plow 3-5 passes and then he's gone. It takes the other guy countless passes between his driveway, the road, and whatever else he is doing out there. In this case all I'm saying is at 3am (give or take), unless it's the town, it can probably wait. I'm not only thinking of myself, I have 3 kids and a wife. Even if I am out plowing in the future at 3am, they won't be. I'm also willing to bet we're not the only house that can hear it.