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Why not a SB/SC Plow Truck

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by POWERBAND, Oct 24, 2005.


    POWERBAND Member
    Messages: 70

    Here in the rural N.E. I see a lot of people prepping their personal plow vehicle, the venerable K10 Shortbed/standard cab. The SB/SC K10 has been the favored vehicle for farm, business and rural homeowner for generations. While not a HD truck, the personal use 1/2 ton shortbed with plow is very popular with the rural home and farm owner. A lot of commercial operators also use a Shortbed K10 for tight drives and parking pad clearing .

    I went to replace my '86 K10 SB/SC plow truck that was past reasonable repair and was told Chevy and the other full size truck mfg's don't make a Shortbed / Standard cab suitable for a plow. I was told the Chevy warranty would be void on any truck without the "plowprep" package. Since then I understand Chevy now will not put the plowprep on any 1/2 ton.
    The plow mfg's build suitable light plow setups for 1/2 tons and I did put a standard duty 7.5' plow on a new 1/2 ton Shortbed/StdCab silverado but technically this will void warranty.

    No wonder GM and the other US truck builders can't get out of their hole, they sem to be systematically eliminating the large amount of buyers needing traditional use WORK vehicles and concentrating on over-optioned, high priced commuter vehicles which provide greater profit per vehicle but don't meet the needs of a large population of rural consumers needing a WORK truck.

  2. Buckeye Chuck

    Buckeye Chuck Senior Member
    Messages: 157

    I bought a 1500 last fall for. They recommended the snow prep pkg. and it was a no brainer for me to get it, no problem.
  3. sixspeed

    sixspeed Senior Member
    Messages: 306

    Powerband, In my humble opinion, you have hit the nail on right on the head.
    The big 3 make 3/4 ton work trucks but no half ton ones for plowing.

    I have to defend the manufacturers on this one. In their mandate (half tons come under Federal C A F E fuel rqmts) they have lightened the trucks to make them better on fuel. Lots more lighter duty things in the running gear nowadays.

    The other half of the "problem" is what you mentioned about a "7 1/2 foot standard duty plow". If they offer a plow prep package, the manufacturer cannot control how big of a plow the person will hang on the front of it (or of course how careful or abusive they drive).

    The truck manufacturers have to see the fact that folks are not content with using what used to be the standard 7 1/2 foot std plow on a half ton and an 8 foot heavy duty/pro plow on a 3/4 ton truck. It's pretty obvious that plows have gotten much bigger (V's and Blizzards) and much heavier (Pro Plus's) and the makers have to plan for this... and my guess is that's why they are doing away with half ton plow trucks and plows on jeeps.

    A solution for the manufacturers might be to specify a model specific realistic maximum for what a plow can weigh when the plow prep package is selected for the truck. This way would be a win-win situation with a buyer knowing up front exactly what plow model he could hang on his truck and keep the the manufacturer happy and the warranty intact.

    Just my 2 cents but I'm sure that's what the big 3 are thinking...