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Why is salt so expensive?

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by JimMarshall, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. JimMarshall

    JimMarshall Senior Member
    from NW PA
    Messages: 786

    The entire country is having a mild winter, yet salt is still hard to get, and still priced $$$$$..... Any ideas on what gives?
  2. Team_Arctic

    Team_Arctic Senior Member
    Messages: 176

    people are still paying for it. It is not much different then fuel prices. They go up really fast but take a long time to come down. I have just started to notice all the guys they buy large lots of salt to resell have dropped their prices to close to what they have into it. They dont want to sit on it for the rest of the year and possibly next year if prices are lower. I have also heard that all of the dredging on the Mississippi river and Illinois river have slowed barge traffic.

    I currently have 2 suppliers that I can get salt from. One is at 106.50 the other is as 120
  3. lfaulstick

    lfaulstick Senior Member
    from PA
    Messages: 137

    only thing i can think of is..we need it, they got it......for me its like when i try to sell something..its not worth crap, but if a dealer or someone else has it, its worth millions.

    Im paying 85 a ton picked up, 40 min away, since it was very very slow this winter i have been hauling in my f550,
  4. JimMarshall

    JimMarshall Senior Member
    from NW PA
    Messages: 786

    What part of PA are you from?
  5. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

  6. 93chevy

    93chevy Junior Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 11

    I found Home Depot Sells Crushed Blue Solar Salt, all natural, at 50 lbs a bag for $2.50 military rate, I can get a crate full 25 bags for $60. I spread it by a hand spreader, lasts me a couple months, at least that is an option
  7. Mr.Markus

    Mr.Markus PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,782

  8. Sawboy

    Sawboy PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,700

    Mr Markus, that's my hometown......can you imagine we actually have people coming to take pictures of this?! It's honestly become a tourist attraction!
  9. allagashpm

    allagashpm Senior Member
    Messages: 797

  10. Dwan

    Dwan Senior Member
    Messages: 879

    You think it is high now. Just wait till minimum wage goes to $15.00/hr.
  11. derekslawncare

    derekslawncare PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,003

    I don't foresee that EVER actually happening, but if it does, it will only last a couple months before they are forced to drop it back down to reality. The thing that NONE of the min wage morons seem to understand is that min wage jobs AREN"T/WEREN"T meant to be full time jobs you live on. They are supposed to be training jobs for people just entering the work force with little/no experience. At some point, you are supposed to get an education or trade skill and get a real job. What will happen if they raise min wage to $15/hr is that all those jobs will vanish. Lets face it, people don't go to McD's because they LOVE the food, they go because it is quick/easy/cheap. If they raise min wage, the employers aren't going to be able to keep as many employees without drastically raising the price of their product to a point at which the consumer will no longer buy it. Then all loose their overpaid min wage jobs. Or, employer keeps price to consumer the same, but cuts work force in half. There goes the "QUICK" part of the scenario, so customers stop coming and min wage earners all loose jobs.

    "Career" min wage earners don't understand this philosophy (or the way the real world works) because they have never run their own business or gone out and gotten/finished an education and have NO concept of what it takes to run one. Just my $.02 worth. I will now get off my soapbox.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2015
  12. AccuCon

    AccuCon Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 619

    What truly boggles min mind is that the food grade and even water softener, for potable water, salt is cheaper then the premium graded stuff we drop on the pavement...That you surely wouldn't want to ingest...

    Plus with the global cooling of the 70s the global warming of the 90s followed by the new Climate change (no **** the climate changes) we have had a perpetual shortage of salt due to the months of December, January and February in the northern hemisphere...I say we just get rid of those months!

  13. fireball

    fireball PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 545

    Cause salt miners have to eat steak and lobster too
  14. AccuCon

    AccuCon Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 619

    Because...... the man!
  15. lfaulstick

    lfaulstick Senior Member
    from PA
    Messages: 137

    North central...about 20 min from ny border right in cent of pa

    FISHERBOY Senior Member
    Messages: 542

    I'M paying 80 per ton, but the only bad part is they have put a 10 ton min, on every load
  17. Upper5percent

    Upper5percent Member
    from USofA
    Messages: 61

  18. JimMarshall

    JimMarshall Senior Member
    from NW PA
    Messages: 786