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Why are Blizzard plows better???????

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by 01FordPlower, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. 01FordPlower

    01FordPlower Member
    from PA
    Messages: 60

    I am finally going to put a plow on my truck this year. At first the only thing in my mind was a Fisher or a Western, both straight plows. Then yesterday I went to go look at a Blizzard plow. The 800HD plow looked much more heavy duty then the a Fisher and Western. My concerns were with the way the plow raises and lowers. How does the pump handle with out chains lifting it and dropping it? And do you like the joysticks over the touch pad? The joystick feels more natural. And what are your experiences with the Blizzard over its competitors? Thanks,

    Josh :help:
  2. lodogg89

    lodogg89 Senior Member
    Messages: 412

    all of us blizzard owners know our plows are the best, ive used several meyer plows and a couple of westerns, none of them compare to the blizzards though.
  3. SnowGuy73

    SnowGuy73 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 24,870

    Not me, if your talking strait blade, hands down its Western for me. I like my Blizzard 810, but when it comes to strait blades Western is my choice.
  4. Detroitdan

    Detroitdan PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,937

    Because I said so.

    GWORKS Junior Member
    Messages: 10

    If you get a Blizzard go with the 810. You need to be a little more careful with the wings out but the time it saves you is well worth it.
  6. cowboysfan

    cowboysfan Junior Member
    Messages: 24

    Whats the western got that the blizzard doesnt?
  7. snowsniper1

    snowsniper1 Senior Member
    Messages: 240

    any bodt use a 8611???????????
  8. Vaughn Schultz

    Vaughn Schultz PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,565

    I have a 8611 on a 2000 F-450

    What do you want to know ?
  9. StorksAuto

    StorksAuto Senior Member
    Messages: 186

    We have an 86-11 on one of our plow trucks and my dad loves it he choses that over all of the other 400 plows in the parking lot.
  10. Stone Mountain

    Stone Mountain Member
    Messages: 45

    We have an 8/6-11 on an 06 F-550 Dump. awesome plow. It'll move a mountain of snow, but it is heavy.
  11. Mark Oomkes

    Mark Oomkes PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 13,256

    I have 2 full size 8611's and 2 LoPro's.
  12. Pristine PM ltd

    Pristine PM ltd PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,891

    We have an 8611lp and a 810. I don't know if anyone else would agree, but I really like that extra .5 foot and I think that it trips alot less because of this on some of our places. We plow mostly townhouse units and a few have speed bumps and I even like the way the 8611lp rides over the speed bumps. I am pretty careful with the wings, but we have had issues with them. They are pretty easy to fix though, and the good thing is that it is still a great stright blade without them.

  13. mon4t

    mon4t Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    hey guys,

    just to let you know i heard that western plows is going to buy out blizzard plows but thay will still keep making them and as you know western and fisher are partners that what i heard from some of the buisnesses that sell western plows in buffalo, new york

  14. SnowDozers

    SnowDozers Member
    Messages: 86

    Welcome to a year and a half ago. DOUGLAS DYNAMICS bought Blizzard Plows. As part of the deal the owners of Blizzard Plows retained rights on the patent and use it on their Rock-it line of Dozer blades. Douglas also owns Fisher and Western, who still build plows as competition, not as partners. Blizzard is more than likely going to be a competitor as well, however I imagine that the patent for the PowerPlow and SwingWing will be shared down the line, eventually. Hopefully the merge will provide for better service, R&D and more advancements.
  15. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    DD and Blizzard already did the deal...................last spring.
  16. mon4t

    mon4t Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    thanks guys i learned something today about that now i know that real truth.

    Thanks mike
  17. Winter Land Man

    Winter Land Man Senior Member
    Messages: 723

    I've never had trouble with Fisher or Meyer snowplows scraping, or breaking, and I plow parking lots, private roads, and driveways.
  18. jglandscaping

    jglandscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 271

    They did the deal alright...rumor has it that this will be the last year for blizzard snow plows.
    Rumor also has it Western and Fisher will be coming out with some new ones next year....hmmmm.
    BTW, fisher is better:angel:
  19. YardMedic

    YardMedic PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,266

    I can't dog the (relatively) new Blizzard plows or the newest of Western plows because I haven't used them. They do look like pretty good products. I have never been impressed with Meyers, Hiniker, or Snoway. I have to say that despite liking the looks of Blizzard & Western, I probably won't venture away from Fisher because I've found them to be darn near bulletproof.
  20. Sydenstricker Landscaping

    Sydenstricker Landscaping PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,882

    Well, here is my issue. I am going to replace my meyer this year with either a boss 7.5 ft straight blade or possibly a 7.5 ft blizzard? Question I have, if anyone knows it, how much more does a blizzard cost than a boss? The Boss I want is $4300 installed. I love the look of the Blizzard, just they are so heavy.