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whoa! lake effect


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akron ohio....7:30 am sat....super light dusting....not even enough to squeak out a salting.........30 min later white out and one inch on the ground.........30 minutes later 1.5 inches has fallen......then the skies open up and could be mistaken for a summer day if it were not for the wind chill..........

we only get these 5 or 6 times a year.....gotta give allin credit yes he gets the snow but at what expense,always being on edge? probably worth it in the long run but boy you really need to hustle to be timely w/ these kind of snows
i finished an otherwise 3 hour salt route by ten and it feels like a whole day has passed



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Central CT
6am this morning, only icy areas were in the shadows; any paved treated areas that are usually in the sun were dry but the silhouette of buildings trees etc were iced over.